Legends of Wrestling Color Expansion Pack 1 Roster & Overview

The Legends of Wrestling game comes to life in full color! This new expansion pack features 12 new game cards featuring the best tag teams in Legends of Wrestling game. Also included is the Legends of Wrestling Handbook, featuring bios for all wrestlers. See what the entire set comes with in this overview video. NOTE: We will never show the backs of the cards that content the stats.

Expansion Pack Order Link: http://filsingergames.com/products-page/new-releases/legends-expansion-pack-i/
Limited Edition Cards Order Link: http://filsingergames.com/products-page/new-releases/legends-special-edition-2-pack-cornetteellering/

Bobby Eaton
Bobby Fulton
Butch Miller
Dennis Condrey
Luke Williams
Ricky Morton
Robert Gibson
Stan Lane
Steve Williams
Terry Gordy
Tom Prichard
Tommy Rogers

Jim Cornette
Paul Ellering

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