Filsinger Games Legends of Wrestling Promoter Prime 2019 Roster & Overview

Available at – The 2019 year for Promoter Prime is ready to kick off. Based on the success of the program last year, we are keeping Promoter prime as 3 separate products for Legends, Indies and COTG, as well as offering Online and Print versions, with combo pricing for ordering multiple versions. There will be 3 cards released per line each quarter of 2019. See what the entire set comes with in this overview video. NOTE: We will never show the stats on the backs of the cards.

Legends of Wrestling Promoter Prime 2019 includes cards for

2 Cold Scorpio
Alexis Smirnoff
Blue Meanie
Del Wilkes aka The Patriot
Jackie Fargo
Marcus Alexander Bagwell
Stevie Richards
Super Nova
Ted DiBiase
Tiger Conway Jr
Tiger Conway Sr

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