From Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA!

King Kong Bundy d. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine with a Running Power Slam. After the match Bundy grabbed the mic and made it clear that he still had unfinished business with Jimmy Snuka and there would be a time when those two would meet again.

THE ROAD WARRIORS d. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff via pinfall with the DOOMSDAY DEVICE. After the mach, The Iron Sheik blind-sided Hawk with a vicious kick in the side of the head with his spiked boot. Hawk was knocked out cold and initial reports are that he’ll be out for about 4 cards.

King Harley Race d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with a piledriver. Race is now the Number 1 contender to Ted Dibiase’s belt.

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase d. The Sandman with a DQ when the Sandman, out of frustration, whacked DiBiase with a cane in a match thrown together by Commissioner Grant. After the match, Ted DiBiase grabbed the mic…

“Hey, Race. King. Your Majesty. Whatever, your name is…you’re now the number one contender and I know you’ve got your eye on this belt! I know you’re probably assuming you get your shot on the next card. Well, I’d hate to disappoint you, my friend, but this man here next to me is my bodyguard Virgil. You want to get to me, you have to go through HIM! Next week, it’s you against Virgil and if you win that, Ha ha haaa, which you WON’T, you’ll get a shot at this belt! Ha ha haaaa!”

played June 25, 2006