CWFH 20 from Showcase Theater, Hollywood, CA. March 30, 1980. TV tapings for air in April.

vOodOo kAos beat The Hobo via countout after smashing him with the ringsteps – SQUASH

Willie Mack beat Ryan Taylor via CHOCOLATE THUNDER BOMB – ★★★★1/2 – Highly competitive match between these two. Mack ends Taylor’s winning streak.

Heritage Tag Team Championship
The Tribe beat RockNES Monsters in seconds when Hawaiian Lion trapped Johnny Yuma in an ANKLE LOCK – SQUASH
– Total Squash, Hawaiian Lion beat Johnny Yuma in two moves.

James Morgan beat Nick Madrid via cross body block from the top rope – ★★ – Stu Stone happy for the victory and promised more in later tonight.

Terax beat Manimal via BIG SPLASH – ★★★ – Impressive battle between these two monsters. Terax picks up a solid voctiry.

PPRay shocked Natural Selection when Ray Rosas pinned Brian Cage after ROSAS R RED – ★ – Percy Pringle III was furious and complained of cheating! Are PPRay the new number one contenders?!

Hollywood Heritage Championship
Alley Fight
Scrap Iron Adam Pearce dominated Bad Dude Tito in a brutal fashion, finally putting winning when Bad Dude Tito was unable to continue after a piledriver on the arena floor – ★★★★½
– The entire Family Stone ran out to celebrate with Pearce!