PNW 15 – Portland Wrestling

PNW Card 15 from Portland Sports Arena, Portland, OR!

Brickhouse Brown crushed Steve Regal with a FLYING BODY PRESS in short order to the delight of the crowd. SQUASH

Buddy Rose, who was accompanied by Doug Somers, picked up a DQ victory when Don Leo Jonathan slammed Rose on a barrier at ringside. ★★

Adrian Adonis beat The Grappler via DQ when Grappler slammed at Adonis on the announce table at ringside.

In a bloody Chain Match, Magnum T.A. beat Tom Prichard by touching all four corners after a Belly To Belly Suplex. ★★★★

After the match, Prichard attacked Magnum as he celebrated and wrapped the chain around his neck and hit him with a neckbreaker. Once security chased Prichard off, Magnum was attended to by medics. Magnum T.A. Will be out for two cards.

Dutch Savage retained the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship with a DQ victory over The Destroyer who was disqualified after The Grappler stormed the ring to prevent a pinfall.


  1. Lee A Dornfeld on May 23, 2022 at 12:47 am

    Doug Somers working with “Playboy” Buddy Rose is no mystery. They were AWA Tag Champions together. With The Playboy’s regular partner “Polish Prince” Ed Wilkowski/Col. DeBeers not available he brought in Somers. But if Rose starts getting out of hand word will get back to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and their feud will be on again.

    The only reason that The Destroyer is with The Grappler can mean only one thing: The Grappler is expanding his “Wrecking Crew” again. This could mean trouble for everyone.