From Grand Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA!

The show started with Commissioner Gratn coming down to ringside.

COMMISSIONER PATRICK: I have the unfortunate duty to announce that, only 3 cards into our the growth of our new promotion, that #1 HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP contender, The King Harley Race, was so badly injured last week at the hands of Virgil and the LOWF CHAMPION Ted DiBiase, that he will be out for 8 cards.

CROWD: Booooo!

COMMISSIONER PATRICK: At the end of last week’s show Race was saved from even more injury by Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and ROAD WARRIOR Animal.

(Crowd Cheers.)

As we went off the air, Ted DiBiase challenged Snuka and Animal to a tag team match this week which Snuka unquestioningly accepted. That match will be the main event tonight.

(Crowd Cheers.)

However, there is a slight problem. Last week, ROAD WARRIOR Animal also challenged Nikolai Volkoff to a match this week and that match was signed before Snuka accepted the challenge from DiBiase. I spoke with Volkoff about the possibility of postponing that match but he has refused, I’m sure at the urging of Ted DiBiase. Unfortunately, my hands are tied and ROAD WARRIOR Animal will have to wrestle twice tonight. He will wrestle in the main event alongside Snuka and he will wrestle in this oepning bout against Nikolai Volkoff. It’s going to be a long night for ROAD WARRIOR Animal, so let’s get it started.

(Bell rings.)

Road Warrior Animal d. Nikolai Volkoff via pinfall after a powerslam in a match that saw Animal focused and determined not to let Volkoff get any momentum.

Iron Sheik d. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine via pinfall after a powerslam.

King Kong Bundy d. The Sandman via pinfall after an elbow drop off ropes.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Road Warrior Animal d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION after Snuka hit Virgil with a chop after an acrobatic leap frog. DiBiase fled from the ring after the match as Virgil limped on after. As they left the arena fans saw DiBiase verbally degrading Virgil, blaming him for losing the match. As Virgil drove their car out of the parking lot, a large man wearing a hood stepped out of the shadows and watched them drive off. The man then melded back in with the night as we… FADE TO BLACK

played June 26, 2006