Live from the San Diego Civic Center, San Diego, CA!

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Road Warrior Animal d. Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Shiek via countout when Snuka gave Volkoff a piledriver on the floor of the arena and he was unable to make it back into the ring before the 10 count.

King Kong Bundy d. Virgil by pinfall after the Avalanche and a 5 count. After the match, Bundy grabbed the mic.

BUNDY: Week after week, I’ve come out here and destroyed opponent after opponent. Now, I got a lot of respect for Harley Race, he’s supposed to be the number one contender but he’s out for several more weeks. So that just leaves me around here as the dominat force in the LOWF. That means I’ve only got one place to go and that’s up. Up to you DiBiase. Thing is, I know you’re a chicken DiBiase. I know you’d say i have to go through your bodyguard first. Well guess what, I just did! So now that leaves just me and you. Next week, DiBiase, I get YOU!

(Just then Ted Dibiase comes out to the top of the ramp.)

DIBIASE: Whoa whoa whoa, big man. You just need to cool your jets a bit. Yeah, you’ve been pretty dominat around here, but I’ve just come from a meeting with Commissioner Grant. I’ve was telling him that something had to be done about the lack of competition around this place and with Race out of the picture, I need a new number one contender.

BUNDY: You’ve got a number one contender. Me.

DIBIASE: Oh no, you’ve got to earn that right Bundy. Next week in Fresno, Commissioner Grant is holding the first ever LOWF California Classic!

BUNDY: What the hell is that crap?

DIBIASE: It’s a little thing called a ranking gauntlet. The two lowest ranked guys in the federation, who are…well, come on, let’s be serious, they are so beneath me, I have no idea who they are, but the point is, that they fight each other and then the winner moves onto the next highest ranked wrestler and so on and so on. Then the winner of all those guantlet matches will get to face me for a title shot. So if you want a shot at this belt, you’re going to have to win the gauntlet.

BUNDY: What you’re forgetting DiBiase is that I’m right underneath you. That means I only have to wrestle one match and then I get you. Alone. I’ve gone through every man in this Federation, DiBiase, if I need to squash one more to get to you, so be it. Enjoy that belt DiBiase. Next week it’s mine.

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase d. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine with an elbow off the top rope.


DATELINE: BURBANK, CA – It has been a bust week at LOWF HQ. Things are really picking up for the little promotion. The first five shows have done good business and the fans are happy that there si finally a choice in the world of Sports Entertainment.

Wrestlers from all over the country have been sending in tapes of their matches hoping to get a tryout with the LOWF. Recent leaks from insiders is that some signings have occured. As Commissioner Grant mentioned in his opening day speech, Brutus Beefcake has entered the Federation. The tag team of THE KILLER BEES has also been signed. These signings have really beefed up the tag team comepetition in the Federation and the rumor now is that sanctioned Tag Team Titles are not far behind.

Frustrated with his recent string of losses, The Sandman is said to have been in talks trying to bring a friend of his into the federation. No word on if that’s going to happen yet. The singing of Cowboy Bob Orton HAS occurred though and he will get a match at LOWF’s first Pay-Per-View, THE CALIFORNIA CLASSIC, against another recent LOWF aquisition, the unpredictable Hacksaw Jim Duggan. This show was just supposed to be the first ever Ranking Guantlet, but this recent rash of signings has added to the undercard of the show.

Commissioner Grant has also ensured reporters that there would be a few other matches announced as well. “This is certainly not the end of our expansion. We’re becomeing more popular and we must continue to grow to meet that popularity.

In a bit of “off the wall” events happening at Fed HQ, Security had to be called to escort a man off the premesis who was VERY adamant about staying. This gentleman was heard to have said as he stormed off, “The LOWF thinks they have an exclusive club with who they hire or not! Well, that will soon change!”

No word on who this stranger was.

In other news, the currently hospitalized Harley Race is said to be improving and will be moved home soon. He’s vowed to get backinto the ring as soon as possible and even if he’s champion or not, Ted DiBiase is the FIRST person he’s going after!

played on June 7, 2006