Live from Selland Arena, Fresno, CA!

The evening started out with Ted DiBiase marching down to ringside, Virgil behind him. He signaled for a mic.

DIBIASE: Sheik! Who do you think you are!?! You come into the California Classic and take MY belt! MY BELT! Well, let me tell you something, your title reign ends TONIGHT! Tonight! I am invoking my rematch clause and I’m invoking it right NOW! Get out here Shiek! Get out here and get in this ring and bring my belt!

The Iron Sheik did not come out to the ring though, it was COMMISSIONER PATRICK who came to the ring.

PATRICK: I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news out here tonight, but, unfortunately I have to inform you that The Iron Sheik, the new WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, is not here tonight so you will not be getting your rematch. Also the GSW Internal Investigations Committee turned up something interesting recently. See DiBiase, I got curious about your seemingly breezy waltz to the title. I found out the truth. You paid Volkoff and Valentine to get counted out so you’d have one less match to wrestle. Leaving you refreshed for the final two matches.

DIBIASE: You can’t prove that!

PATRICK: Oh, you’d be surprised what people will confess to when threatened with losing their jobs. These papers right here are singed affidavits from Volkoff and Valentine stating that you indeed pay them off to “take a double dive” as it were.

PATRICK: Nothing to say to that eh? Interesting. Well since you didn’t really “earn” the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP I figure you didn’t really “earn” a rematch for the belt.

DIBIASE: Wait a minute! I was the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! I deserve a rematch!

PATRICK: And you’ll get one, if you earn it!

DIBIASE: Earn it? How do I earn it?

PATRICK: By wrestling in a number one contender match tonight.

DIBIASE: Fine, number one contender match, perfect. Against who?

PATRICK: Oh, a very good friend of yours…KING KONG BUNDY!

DIBIASE & VIRGIL storm out of the ring as we get set for our first match…

Koko B. Ware d. Nikolai Volkoff via DQ due to Volkoff ignoring the ref’s warnings.

KILLER BEES d. DREAM TEAM via DQ when Brutus Beefcake slammed B. Brian Blair on the arena floor.

Virgil d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via DQ when Duggan smacked Virgil with 2×4.

THE ROAD WARRIORS came to the ring for their first match back together since Hawk’s injury. Their first opponent, The Sandman came to ringside. The ROAD WARRIORS began laughing at him.

HAWK: My first match back and they send me…this loser. Boy have you even one a match yet?

SANDMAN: No, but I’m moving down a new path. I’m going to be a Tag Team Wrestler.


HAWK: You’re going to be a Tag Team Wrestler eh? You and who? One of your loser friends?

SANDMAN: Yeah. Me and one of my loser friends.

Suddenly our of nowhere a enraged madman came out of the crowd and clobbered HAWK from behind as SANDMAN nailed ANIMAL with the Singapore cane. The bell rang, but the ref was unable to stop the madness and called for a DQ when this new wrestler hit ANIMAL with an amazing Arabian Facebuster with a steel chair.

ROAD WARRIORS d. TEAM EXTREME via DQ when Sabu hit Road Warrior Animal with an arabian facebuster though a table at ringside.

After the match, The Sandman grabbed the mic, “Say hello to TEAM EXTREME! Your new nightmare!” With that they left the ring.

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka via a pinfall after a Superplex much to the chagrin of Snuka’s manager, Captain Lou Albano.

Right before the main event, the same crazy man who’s charge the ring before, charged the ring again. He didn’t get far before security tackled him.

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase d. King Kong Bundy via countout when Bundy couldn’t get in the ring after the being smacked with a steel chair by Virgil behind the ref’s back.

After the match, while Bundy was being helped from ringside, DiBiase grabbed the mic and shouted, “There! I defeated Bundy! Next week I get my rematch!”

Commissioner Patrick ran to the entranceway  “Not so fast DiBiase! I said you had to earn the rematch. Having your lackey hit your opponent with a chair does NOT constitute earning a shot! Therefore next week you’ll face Bundy again. This time in the confines of a 15 foot high STEEL CAGE!


played July 2, 2006