Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The evening started out with an address from the Commissioner.



PATRICK: Tonight is a very special evening as the GSW makes its dramatic debut on television and YOU are all part of it!


PATRICK: We are a new federation. We are growing. Heck, this is only our 10th card! But the success of last month’s WrestleMania gave the network the proof it needed that professional wrestling is worthy of a prime time spot!


PATRICK: Now, as i said, we’re growing and I’m proud to say that GSW Road Agents have been scouring the country looking for the best tag teams to bring here to bolster our tag team roster. Tonight will see the debut of one of these new tag teams. The plan is that in just a few cards on Card #013 from the Selland Arena in Freson we will have an 8-Team tournament to crown the frist ever WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.


I must also announce that the schedule that leaked to the internet of our upcoming year of cards was a bit premature. The adjusted schedule will follow shortly and I promise you, you will get a great year of wrestling action. And speaking of action, you all came here to watch some great action, not to hear me chat! So let’s get on with our first match!

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. Koko B. Ware via pinfall with a SUPERFLY LEAP. 

After the match, Snuka’s manager, Captain Lou Albano took Koko B. Ware aside to speak with him and all three left the ring together. No word on what this meant.

Next up, the gentleman who interrupted the ROAD WARRIORS celebration at Wrestlemania came to the ring. He was strutting with self importance and he brandished a tennis raquet as he climbed intot eh ring and asked for a mic.

MAN: Ladies and gentlemen…and I use those words LOOSELY..my name is Jim Cornette and I am the future of wrestling, so if you’d all just shut up for a moment I’ll tell you my plan.


CORNETTE: Oh i should have figured you wouldn’t understand what shut up means. Anyway, I’m here because last month at Wrestlemania the Road Warriors themselves said I could bring my team here to Burbank and challenge them on Monday Night Mayhem! So let me introduce to you, the future of Tag Team wrestling in the GSW, The NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, Sweet Stan Lane & Beautiful Bobby Eaton, THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS.

The two men came, arrogantly, to ringside. They held the NWA Tag Team titles in their hands as they climbed into the ring.

LANE: Jimmy, I want to thank you for bringing us to the big time here in the GSW! Over the past year we’ve beaten every team the NWA threw at us and we knew it’d only be a matter of time before we got to the “big time”!

EATON: You couldn’t be more right Stan! And our dominance of the GSW starts tonight as we get a match with two of the most feared tag team wrestlers in the world, The Road Warriors! This is our shot to prove our dominance just in time for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT that is only a few cards away!

CORNETTE: That’s right! So Hawk, Animal, no use hiding out in the dressing room! Stop yer quiverring and get your keisters out here so we can hand them to you.

The ROAD WARRIRORS music hits, but instead of Hawk and Animal a man in black suit came out. Cornette and the Midnight Express looked confused.

CORNETTE: Who are you? You certainly aren’t The Road Warriors.

MAN: My name is Precious Paul Ellering and I’m the new manager of The Road Warriors.

CORNETTE: Precious is it, well it isn’t! Where are your men? They promisedus a match.

ELLERING: Yes, I saw the tape of that. Regretfully that was before I took them under my wing. See I told them why it’s nice that they wanted to help an up and coming AMATEUR team get their big break, it’s simply not how things are done.

CORNETTE: Amateur? These men are the NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!

ELLERING: Oh yeah, I see that. It’s very good to practice until one is good enough to make it to the big leagues. But even though you’re here, it doesn’t mean you automatically get a shot at my guys. You need to earn it. You need to accumulate some wins and so tonight you’ll get your first GSW match, but it ain’t going to be against THE ROAD WARRIORS! It’ll be against…THE MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION!

Cornette, Lane and Eaton were all insenced!

CORNETTE: Fine! It doesn’t matter! We’ll beat WHOEVER you put inbetween us and the WARRIORS! Then you’ll have NO CHOICE in accepting our challenge.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION when Bobby Eaton pinned Virgil with a sunset flip.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Nikolai Volkoff battled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION the two spilled out into the crowd in a wild brawl. Duggan clobbered Volkoff witht eh 2×4 after the match and stood over him triumphantly.

ROAD WARRIORS d. DREAM TEAM when Road Warrior Animal pinned Greg “The Hammer” Valentine after the DOOMSDAY DEVICE.

A spotlight then came up on another part of the set where a table and some chairs were set-up.

ANNOUNCER: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome, the host of THE HOT SEAT, Bill Apter.


APTER: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Bill Apter and every once in awhile I’m going to come out here and get in depth interviews with the wrestlers of the GSW! tonight, before our main event, we’re going to speak to a man who is currently undefeated in the GSW since his debut, Cowboy Bob Orton.


ORTON: Yeah, you all boo me, go ahead, my record speaks for itself! I’ve won every match I’ve wrestled since I debuted and tonight I’m going to win one more when I destroy that mountain of blubber, King Kong Bundy!

APTER: Many people are saying that this match tonight will determine the #1 contender for the GSW Heavyweight Championship currently held by the Iron Sheik.

ORTON: That is exactly right Bill and when I win tonight I will get a show at the GSW Championship and there will be a new champion around here!

MAN: Whoa whoa whoa there…Cowboy!

A man in a sequenced jacket came out with a microphone to stop the proceedings.

APTER: Who are you? you have no right to be out here!

MAN: Oh yes I do. This matter concearns me! Listen up Orton, Apter and all you humanoids out there! My name is Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and right here I have a contract in my hand. The ink is still wet! This contract say that I now manage King Kong Bundy and with the power of “The Brain” behind him, the sky’s the limit! Bundy will win the match tonight and then he will, once again, wrestle for and win the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

ORTON: The Brain huh? Well, brain, I’ve never been one much for talking! Let’s get this butt kicking over with!

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. King Kong Bundy with a SUPERPLEX.

We see a shadowry room. Figures are somewhat visible but it’s unsure. A figure shuffles into the room. We cannot make him out. He stops suddely and looks into the corner.

VOICE: Why are you here?

FIGURE: I…we…failed.

VOICE: What?

FIGURE: We failed. We lost.

(Whispering is heard from the corner.)

VOICE: This displeases your uncle greatly.

FIGURE: I understand.

VOICE: Fine, sit out your time. We will formulate a plan in the meanwhile.

FIGURE: Yes. But…

VOICE: Silence, your words do nothing but make your failure even more obvious! So quiet. Your uncle needs to think.

FIGURE: But there is…


Just then a fireball shoots out and engulfs the figure who runs off yelling in pain.

VOICE: Kids. Too damn smart fot their own good.


played on July 17, 2006