Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

DREAM TEAM d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via submission when Greg “The Hammer” Valentine made Virgil tap with a figure four leg-lock.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. King Kong Bundy via pinfall after an impressive backbreaker.

KILLER BEES d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via pinfall when B. Brian Blair covered Stan Lane after the BEE STING after a SWITCH! This infuriated Cornette to no end because he saw it happen behind the ref’s back and he claimed to be petitioning the Commissioner for a ruling on the Bees being able to use masks.

Guest: WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION The Iron Sheik – The Sheik came out and rambled on incoherently for several minutes. No one is really sure what he said except for “America, Ptooey!” and “Orton will submit!” The heat for the Sheik/Orton match that is for sure on the horizion is building!

Nikolai Volkoff d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via pinfall in a match that saw these two battle all over the Studio, including the bathroom! Volkoff pinned Duggan after whipping him into a concrete wall! It’s a good thing the next card is in Fresno as the GSW staff will need the time to clean up the mess that was made!

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