From Golden State Wrestling Studios, Burbank, CA!

Nikolai Volkoff d. King Kong Bundy via submission with a Russian Bear Hug.

DREAM TEAM d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via pinfall when Brutus Beefcake hit Stan Lane with a Flying Knee Smash

Bill Apter’s Hot Seat!
On Bill Apter’s Hot Seat, Cowboy Bob Orton came out and challenged the Iron Sheik to a Survival Match at the Survivor Series. He said the Sheik could bring Volkoff and whomever else he wanted to go up against his team and he said that if his team survives he wants his title match immediately following! The Commissioner will have to rule on that.

King Harley Race d. Virgil via countout Race gave him a piledriver outside the ring. The show ent off the air with race taunting DiBiase, who was at ringside saying if he was a man he’d get int he ring now! DiBiase refused as we went off the air.

played on July 26, 2006