Live from Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA!

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. Koko B. Ware with a via pinfall after a flying spear. – DUD

Magnificent Muraco d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with a via pinfall after the Hawaiian Hammer.- ***1/2

THE KILLER BEES came to the ring, B. Brian Blair said they were told they had a match, but they didn’t know who with. Suddenly they were jumped from behind by the returning TEAM EXTREME!

TEAM EXTREME d. KILLER BEES via pinfall when The Sandman hit B. Brian Blair with a Hardcore DDT.

After the match, Sabu & The Sandman stood in the ring.

SANDMAN: We have returned to GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING! It’s been a long year of sitting out, patiently waiting to get back here and kick butt! During that time we’ve felt a lot of anger and resentment towards the staff of the GSW, especially Commissioner Patrick who forced us into the Loser Leaves Town match a year ago. Commissioner Patrick, get your butt out there now! We ain’t leaving until you do!

Commissioner Patrick ran down to ringside.

PATRICK: Look guys, whatever your problem is…

SANDMAN: SHUT THE HELL UP! You forced us into that match last year. You made us sign matches against lousy tag teams and always made us wrestle in matches where there were DQ’s and Countouts, so we’d always lose!

PATRICK: We have a set of rules here in the the GWF. Those rules need to be followed.

SANDMAN: Well, Sabu and I only follow one set of rules. Those are NO RULES AT ALL!

SANDMAN suddenly swung his Singapore Cane and cracked Commissioner Patrick over the head with it. He and Sabu then pulled out two pieces of paper.

SANDMAN: These are our GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING wrestling contracts.

The two began tearing them up. Just then a man jumped the railing and before security could stop him he was in the ring and he grabbed the mic out of Sandman’s hand.

MAN: I am the Grand Wizard! I’m the owner of the XWF wrestling federation out of Los Angeles. Here in my hand I have two contracts for you and Sabu. I want to make you the two latest additions to the XWF – The XTREME WRESTLING FEDERATION! Every match, no DQ’s or Countouts! In fact, Sandman, if you sign, I’ll give you an XWF Title shot against our Heavyweight Champion Bruiser Brody on our event next week.

SANDMAN: Old Man, you got yourself a deal!

Sabu and Sandman signed the contracts there in the ring! The Grand Wizard walked over and stood over Commissioner Patrick.

GRAND WIZARD: You’d better be prepared Commissioner, because things are going to start getting more XTREME for you and GSW.

With that they were escorted out of the ring by security. Commissioner Patrick was helped back into the back for medical attention! We’ve never seen anything like what just happened here folks!

“Ravishing” Rick Rude d. “Cowboy” Bob Orton via DQ after a whip into the ringpost. – *1/2

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase d. King Kong Bundy via submission with the Million Dollar Dream. – ***

DREAM TEAM d. Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik – *****

1. Brutus Beefcake d. Iron Sheik via pinfall after a Double Body Slam.
2. Nikolai Volkoff d. Brutus Beefcake via pinfall after a deathjump.
3. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine d. Nikolai Volkoff via submission with the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. ROAD WARRIORS via DQ when a brawl broke out during the middle of the match and the WARRIORS refused to stop brawling. THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS retained their LWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS. – *1/2

King Harley Race d. Mr. Perfect via escape after a driving headbutt to retain his LWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH and put and end to Mr. Perfect’s Perfect Record. – ***