Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. King Kong Bundy via DQ after Bundy slammed Duggan’s head into a ring post.

ROAD WARRIORS d. DREAM TEAM via pinfall when Road Warrior Hawk covered Brutus Beefcake after the DOOMSDAY DEVICE.

After the match, Animal shoved Valentine off the apron. He tumbled to the floor and was knocked out. The ROAD WARRIORS then went berserk on Beefcake, repeatedly hitting him with the DOOMSDAY DEVICE. Officials and wrestlers from the back were finally able to get them to stop and as medics tended to Beefcake and Valentine, Paul Ellering grabbed the mic.

ELLERING: Midnight Express, you’ve been shooting your mouth off about how there’s no competition for you in GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING! Well, the ROAD WARRIORS are here and we’re coming for our titles! Oh, and just so you can’t say that we’re not worthy, we’re going to destroy all the other tag teams in GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING until all that’s left is you and us! Got it!

The ROAD WARRIORS left the ring. Beefcake was taken out on a stretcher and is reported to be Moderate Injury that’ll keep him out for 6 cards.

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. Magnificent Muraco via DQ due to Muraco’s refusal to stop brawling.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude d. Mr. Perfect via pinfall after the RUDE AWAKENING. – This was a great back and forth match that saw Heenan get involved as well.

GUESTS #1 – THE KILLER BEES – The KILLER BEES came out and said that the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS are not worthy to be the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Suddenly the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS’ music hit and out they came with Cornette! The KILLER BEES challenged the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS to a match right then, but Cornette said they didn’t make the rules around GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING and couldn’t just demand a title shot when they wanted. B. Brian Blair grabbed Cornette and ripped his jacket off which started a brawl that carried up into the ring! Cornette was so furious he grabbed a mic…

CORNETTE: You Bees want a match, you got it! Prepare to be swatted! RING THAT BELL!!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. KILLER BEES via pinfall when Stan Lane covered B. Brian Blair after the ROCKET LAUNCHER. – This was an AMAZING match! Definitely a Match Of The Year Candidate! SO many near falls! In the end it was the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS that held onto their belts. As they celebrated in the ring, suddenly the ROAD WARRIORS charged the ring and chased them off, vowing to meet them in the ring soon!! What else could happen tonight?

GUEST 2 – LWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION King Harley Race – Race and Heenan came out to respond to Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase’s comments from the last show.

HEENAN: DiBiase, you’re a man of money. Money can buy you cars. Money can buy you houses. Money can buy you friends. But there’s one thing that your money can’t buy you. Money can’t buy you the throne! Money can’t buy you a title. You see, Harley Race here is the king by birthright. Money didn’t buy that! And with the that birthright comes entitlement. Entitlement to WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. So you go ahead and spend your…

(MILLION DOLLAR MAN’S music hits.)

DIBIASE: Race, you think you’re so tough! I’ve got a little proposition for you, next month is the SURVIVOR SERIES. I propose you put together a team and I’ll put together a team. if my team wins, I get a title shot at DESTRUCTION in October. If your team wins, I will leave GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING for 6 months!

HEENAN: Let me get this straight. You have a team of four guys, we have a team of four guys. Your team wins, you get a title shot at DESTRUCTION. Our team wins, you leave GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING for 6 months.

DIBIASE: That is what I’m proposing.

HEENAN: Well, that’s an intriguing offer. What do you say King?

(RACE nods.)

HEENAN: Looks like you’re on then.


HEENAN: Question is, who’s going to be on your team?

DIBIASE: I’ll hire some guys.

HEENAN: I see. You, uh, going to be on the team too?

DIBIASE: What are you dumb AND ugly? Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?

HEENAN: I was just thinking that you’d be too injured to wrestle.

DIBIASE: I’m 100%. What the hell you talking about Heenan?

HEENAN: Oh nothing, Just thought you might be injured after the attack.

DIBIASE: What attack?

HEENAN: This one.

From out of nowhere “Ravishing” Rick Rude and King Kong Bundy are behind DiBiase and start attacking him. Race, Bundy and Rude are relentless, pounding DiBiase. They pick him up and race gets on top of Apter’s interview table. Bundy and Rude hand the lifeless DiBiase up to him and he delivers a devastating piledriver through the table. The three of them continue to pound on DiBiase. Suddenly Virgil is here! The three turn their attack on him and he’s being beat down until suddenly Mr. Perfect is here helping Virgil! The place is going bananas! And here comes “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan with the 2×4 to clean house and chase off Heenan’s Family. The three stand tall over the lifeless and bleeding DiBiase. All this as we…