Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!


(We are at the LWF studios in beautiful downtown Burbank, CA. A podium is set up in front of the LWF logo. Members of the wrestling press are assembled. COMMISSIONER PATRICK walks to the podium.)

PATRICK: Good afternoon. Thank you for coming here on what will prove to be a momentous occasion in the history of GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING. For two years, GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING has entertained fans all over the state of California. Our show, Monday Night Mayhem, has become one of the fastest growing shows on television and out live events are selling out monthly. But we want to expand and to do so, we’re joining a new alliance with several other federations from across the United States. As of the first of the month, GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING is now a member of the LEGENDS WRESTLING ALLIANCE. This new direction will allow us to expand our shows outside of California, into Washington, Oregon, Nevada and beyond. it will also allow our stars to gain some Nationwide exposure by competing against stars from other federations. In a week I will be taking part in a draft with several other promoters from across the country. We are pooling all our talent and drawing new rosters from it. At this point we feel this is the right direction to take to expand the notoriety of GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING. Any questions?

STU SAKS: Yeah, with the impending draft, does this mean all the talent on the current roster is up for grabs to other promoters?

PATRICK: Yes. We admire the work that our wrestlers have done in the past few years in building GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING, but everyone will be up for grabs in the draft. That being said, we are going to do our best to retain those wrestlers who’ve proven to be draws for us. Some of the current roster will still be with us after the draft. Some will not be. But this will give them chances to shine in other federations and we’ll see them at the supercards.

STANLEY WESTON: What about the current champions?

PATRiCK: Again, everyone is up for grabs in the draft. Even the champions. Our champions could remain the same or the titles may be vacated if they are drafted to other federations. Only time will tell. I have time for one more question.

BILL APTER: You say you’ll be promoting shows outside of California. Seems like the name Golden State Wrestling might be the wrong fit for a growing company.

PATRICK: I’m glad you asked that. From this day forward, the GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING is no longer. In order to reflect our new expansion into other states on the west coast, GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING is now West Coast Championship Wrestling or WCCW.

(At this point COMMISSIONER PATRICK pulls a chord and the old LWF logo is whisked out to reveal the new WCCW logo.)

PATRICK: I’m confident that in a matter of months the fans will realize that this is the proper direction to take the company in. Thank you and have a great day.

(COMMISSIONER PATRICK leaves and the press is abuzz with this news.)