Live from WCCW Studios, Burbank, CA!

Belgian Brawler defeated S. D. Jones via pinfall after the Belgian Waffle.

Missing Link defeated Dennis Condrey via pinfall after a flying headbutt.

THE ARMSTRONGS d. THE VALIANT BROTHERS when “Bullet” Bob Armstrong defeated Jimmy Valiant via pinfall after a flying head scissors.

Virgil defeated The Destroyer via count out in a stunning upset.

With Guests: Cowboy Bob Orton and WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS with Jim Cornette.

COWBOY BOB ORTON challenged KING HARLEY RACE to a match which brought our RACE. RACE said that ORTON had had his shot months ago and couldn’t get the job done, so no dice.

During the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS interview the New Age Outlaws showed up and were attacked from behind by THE ARMSTRONGS. Both the THE ARMSTRONGS and the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS wailed on the NEW AGE OUTLAWS and both men had to be taken from the studio on a stretcher. Initial reports are that they will be out for two cards so they will miss their debut match next week.