Live from WCCW Studios, Burbank, CA!

S. D. Jones d. Tom Prichard via pinfall after a cross body block.

Dennis Condrey d. Cousin Luke via pinfall after a FACE FIRST LEG SWEEP.


The Destroyer d. “Cowboy” Bob Orton via submission thanks to a vicious FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK – This was an AMAZING match! These two men put on a classic that the WCCW will not soon forget! At one point the ref was knocked out and the two men brawled in and out of the ring! It was a big back and forth battle that saw both men busted open. In the end though ORTON was unable to withstand the FIGURE FOUR and tapped. After the match, The Destroyer grabbed the mic and stood in the ring looking over at ORTON.

DESTROYER: Orton! That was amazing. You are one tough son of a bitch! I don’t say this often, but I respect you.

(THE DESTROYER reached out his hand. ORTON looked around and limped over and shook it. The crowd went bananas! The two men raised their arms and then in an instant, THE DESTROYER clotheslined ORTON and sent him flat to the mat.)

DESTROYER: I respect you, but you are still standing in the way of the INVASION. For that, you must pay the price!

(DESTROYER dropped the mic and repeatedly kicked ORTON until officials came out to stop him. The crowd was so loud in making their disapproval known. DESTROYER just laughed all the way back to the locker room.)


(THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS came to the set with their usual bravado. CORNETTE was smiling from ear to ear.)

APTER: Well, Jim Cornette you seem to be in a great mood tonight.

CORNETTE: You’d better believe it Apter! THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is the team to beat! Repeatedly we’ve proven in match after match. THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is the most dominant team in the WCCW and all of the LWA!

APTER: Now it seems as if THE VALIANT BROTHERS are gunning for you now.

CORNETTE: What are you stupid, Apter?! EVERYONE is gunning for us. We’re the CHAMPIONS. When you’re the CHAMPIONS everyone is gunning for you. THE VALIANT BROTHERS, THE MONGOLS, THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS, it doesn’t matter. We’ve beat them before, they mean nothing to us. That’s why we’re going to turn to the rest of the LWA for some competition!

APTER: Now wait a minute, you’re telling me that you’re issuing an open challenge to any team in the LWA?

CORNETTE: That’s right! The MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is eager for some real competition and we’re not finding it here! I’ve talked to COMMISSIONER PATRICK and he gave me this…

(CORNETTE pulls out a contract and holds it up for the camera.)

CORNETTE: This is an official WCCW guest talent contract. This is open to any Tag Team in the LWA who wishes to face us and we’re so confident we’ll defeat any team the LWA has to offer, we’ve put a stipulation in here…if the team that signs this contract actually beats us in the ring, they won’t, but if they get a clean pin or submission against my men here, we will vacate these belts and go to the bottom of the WCCW ranks and work our way back up to them!

(This completely stunned the crowd in attendance!)

CORNETTE: You hear that teams of the LWA, this is an open contract for December 31! The LAST NIGHT Pay Per View! Who out there is up to the challenge?! My guess…NO ONE!

(With that CORNETTE and the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS turned and left.)

APTER: Well there you have it folks an OPEN CHALLENGE to any team in the LWA! If that team can put the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS away at LAST NIGHT, the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS will surrender their titles! I, for one, cannot wait to see how this pans out fans! But now it’s time for our MAIN EVENT!

King Harley Race d. Mr. Perfect via DQ when Mr. Perfect slammed Harley Race into the ringpost despite the ref’s warnings. – At the end of this match it seemed that PERFECT was very frustrated he could not put RACE away. Many are wondering if RACE will grant a rematch against PERFECT after the match ended this way.