Live from Portland Sports Arena, Portland, OR!

S. D. Jones d. Cousin Luke via pinfall after a headbutt – **

THE ARMSTRONGS d. BACK ALLEY PUNKS via submission when “Bullet” Bob Armstrong locked Virgil in a sleeper hold – *

Belgian Brawler d. Tom Prichard via pinfall after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker – *1/2

THE VALIANT BROTHERS d. THE MONGOLS via DQ when Bepo Mongol started smashing Jonny Valiant with his chains – **

Iron Sheik d. Missing Link with a pinfall after a sidewinder suplex – ***** – This was an awesome back and forth match that the ring could barely contain. The action was back and forth, but LINK could never really find a way to put the IRON SHEIK down.

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. The Destroyer via pinfall after a clothesline from the top rope with the chain. – **

(STIPULATIONS – If the ROAD WARRIORS defeat the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS will vacate the belts and start at the bottom of the tag team roster and work their way back up!)

THE ROAD WARRIORS d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via pinfall when Road Warrior Animal covered Stan Lane after a devastating power slam. – ***** – HOLY COW! This matchup could ONLY be considered the MATCH OF THE YEAR! If it doesn’t win it’s a tragedy! In the early goings of the match, the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS dominated! THE ROAD WARRIORS looked like they’d fall to the champs. ELLERING got involved but then was knocked out. The EXPRESS were moments from winning. The tide turned though midway through the match when the action spilled outside the ring. A wild brawl erupted and the referee actually Disqualified STAN LANE for slamming ANIMAL into the ring post at ringside.

COMMISSIONER PATRICK ran down to ringside and grabbed the mic and announced that he was not going to let the EXPRESS get away with keeping their titles BY DQ, so he ordered the match to continue with NO DQ/NO COUTNOUT rules! This seemed to give the ROAD WARRIORS their second wind. The WARRIORS hit the DOOMSDAY DEVICE on STAN LANE and were about to get the pin when CORNETTE ran into the ring. He received a clothestine for his trouble and was thrown out of the ring into the waiting arms of BOBBY EATON! ANIMAL picked up LANE and gave him a tremendous BODYSLAM for good measure and that was all she wrote!

Heartland Wrestling’s ROAD WARRIORS had defeated THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and because of that, the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS are no longer WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. In fact, COMMISSIONER PATRICK took the tag belts with him from ringside! The crowd was electric for this match!

King Harley Race d. Mr. Perfect with an escape from the cage – pinfall – after a diving headbutt – ** – PERFECT didn’t mount much of an offense in this match and the KING dominated him pretty soundly. After escaping the cage, RACE dragged PERFECT outside the ring and gave him not one, but TWO devastating piledrivers on the arena floor. PERFECT was taken from ringside on a stretcher and RACE followed him all the way out shouting ‘I AM THE KING!’

Initial reports put PERFECT out of action for 6 cards.