Live from WCCW Studios, Burbank, CA!


(We see COMMISSION PATRICK in the middle of the ring at the WCCW Studios.)


(CROWD cheers!)

PATRICK: Well it’s a whole new year and things are already explosive here in the WCCW! I’ve got so much to get through tonight. First of all, I need to address the WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP situation! As you saw at LAST NIGHT, the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS are no longer the WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

(CROWD cheers!)

PATRICK: Now, the EXPRESS and JIM CORNETTE will be guests on BILL APTER’S HOT SEAT later tonight, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them about this, but it’s up to me to decide what should be done to decide the new WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. On January 31, the WCCW will head up to Washington for a Pay Per View Event LIVE from the Seattle Center Arena in Seattle Washington! On that night the WCCW will present FINAL DECISION! One of the highlights of that event will be a four team Tag Team tournament to decide the new WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. The participants will be the top 4 Tag Teams according to the Championship Committee before the event! The committee will be watching the matches involving Tag Teams tonight and next week to make their decision. And, the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS will be eligible for the tournament. On January 31, we will have new WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

(CROWD cheers.)

PATRICK: Now we need to discuss the upcoming LWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Tournament that’s taking place on February at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Each federation in the LWA gets to send two representatives to New York for the tournament. The WCCW Championship Committee has decided that the WCCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION “KING” HARLEY RACE will get the first slot in the tournament.

(CROWD boos.)

PATRICK: To fill the other slot we’ll have a unique match at FINAL DECISION! The top 10 WCCW singles wrestlers will participate in the first ever SOLE SURVIVOR MATCH! The way this match works is the 10 men will battle in an OVER THE TOP BATTLE ROYAL until there are just two men left in the ring. At that moment the match will stop and a 15 foot high STEEL CAGE will be lowered around the ring and the two surviving men will square off in a STEEL CAGE MATCH until there is a SOLE SURVIVOR. That SOLE SURVIVOR will then go on to MADISON SQUARE GARDEN to wrestle for the LWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

(CROWD goes nuts.)

PATRICK: Well, I’ve talked your ear off long enough and we have a ton of action to get through tonight, so let’s get it started!

(CROWD cheers.)

The Destroyer defeated Cousin Luke via pinfall after BOMBS AWAY – ***1/2 – Cousin Luke mounted NO offense in this extremely one sided affair.

THE VALIANT BROTHERS d. THE ARMSTRONGS via pinfall when Johnny Valiant slammed “Bullet” Bob Armstrong with a vicious SPINNING NECK BREAKER – ***1/2

King Harley Race defeated Belgian Brawler via pinfall after a back suplex – * – RACE destroyed the BELGIAN BRAWLER in this lightning quick match.

THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS came to the set with Jim Cornette.

APTER: Jim Cornette, these past few days must have been rough for you and your men. To lose your belts in such a manner as you did. Losing to a team that’s not even in the WCCW.

CORNETTE: Apter, would you shut your trap for a minute? Let me set the record straight here, the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS won that match! The ref rang the bell and began to award us the match because the ROAD-KILL WARRIORS cheated! They didn’t play by the rules. Then what happens? COMMISSIONER PATRICK comes out and restarts the match. It’s all so clear now, obviously THE ROAD WARRIORS paid off PATRICK to ensure the win! You know, love us or hate us, you can’t deny the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS are the most dominant tag team in the WCCW. We were TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR. We were in the MATCH OF THE YEAR. This little set back, and that’s all it is is a set back, will me nothing by February 1st. Because the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is going to FINAL DECISION. We’re going to be in the TOURNAMENT and we’re going to win back the WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! And that’s something you can take to the bank!

(With that CORNETTE and the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS left the set and we…)