Live from WCCW STUDIOS, Burbank, CA!


(The show started began with THE DESTROYER standing in the middle of the ring with BILL APTER. The crowd, which is usually insanely enthusiastic for a live show, was booing loudly as THE DESTROYER posed with the ring.)

APTER: Well, I’m here with the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION The Destroyer who–

(THE DESTROYER rips the mic out of APTER’S hands.)

DESTROYER: Shut up Apter. No one wants to hear from you. These people want to hear from the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Me. The Destroyer.

(CROWD boos!)

DESTROYER: A few short months ago, I stood in front of you and told you the INVASION was beginning. Soon me, and my men, would be taking over the WCCW. Well, as you can see, the INVASION is here! I destroyed Race and since then your ‘champion’ has been a shell of his former self. The last show he couldn’t even beat that insane idiot, the Missing Link! And rumor has it, he’s gone. No one’s heard from him. In fact, i’ve heard rumors that he’s so disgraced, he’s left the WCCW! The King is DEAD! Long live the KING! Me! The new KING of the WCCW!

(Suddenly jungle music hits and out from the back comes CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO and the MISSING LINK. The crowd goes nuts! They enter the ring APTER gives ALBANO a mic.)

ALBANO: Brother, I think you may have a loose grasp on history! If you remember correctly the last man in the ring with Harley Race was this man right here! The Missing Link is the man who sent the old King packing!! And I just happened to have come from Commissioner Patrick’s office earlier and I’ve just been told that this man here is the number one contender to that belt!

DESTROYER (laughs): Heh. Is that supposed to frighten me? Am I supposed to be shaking in my boots because I’m going to have to step into the ring with this man! Fat man, you’re barking up the wrong tree! I’m a fighting champion and I look forward to stepping into the ring with this freak, and destroying him, just like I did Race!

(The CROWD boos as DESTROYER leaves the ring!)

Dennis Condrey d. Iron Sheik via DQ after the Iron Sheik knocked out the ref. – ** – The match continued for several minutes after the ref was put out of commission and the IRON SHEIK was easily dominating DENNIS CONDREY, but when the ref came to, he DQ’d the IRON SHIEK.

THE ARMSTRONGS d. BACK ALLEY PUNKS via pinfall when “Bullet” Bob Armstrong clobbered Virgil with a knee lift – SQUASH – ARMSTRONGS made short work of the PUNKS and send them to the showers within minutes of the match beginning. After the match, we tried to interview THE ARMSTRONGS about the whereabouts of the Harley Race, but they immediately left the arena without comment!

Cousin Luke d. Tom Prichard with a via DQ after PRITCHARD wouldn’t stop brawling with LUKE outside the ring. – ****

THE VALIANT BROTHERS d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via DQ when Stan Lane refused to stop brawling – ***** – THE VALIANTS completely dominated this match! They destroyed the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS! The crowd was wild for this match! The match spilled outside the ring several times and then the EXPRESS ignored the ref’s warnings (some speculate on purpose) and got DQ’d. After the match CAPTAIN LOU said he was going immediately to COMMISSIONER PATRICK to demand a title match!