(We see JIM CORNETTE walking down the hallway with THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. They are on their way to the locker room.)

CORNETTE: Another night, another title defense.

LANE: Such is the life of the most dominant tag team in the WCCW!

EATON: That’s right, we’ve beaten everyone here! Tonight the Valiant Brothers get sent packing and we–

(Suddenly door of the arena that CORNETTE and his men are walking past opens and four men enter.)

CORNETTE: Whoa, whoa whoa…this area is restricted! Fans need to enter through the front of the building.

SWEENY: Take it easy there Pops! We’re supposed to be here! We’re the WCCW’s latest signings!

LANE: Ha! You are the newest talent? Eeesh! Cornette, I think it’s time we get a transfer to another fed. Things are going downhill fast around here.

SWEENY: What are you talking about? You’re looking at the greatest thing to happen to the WCCW since it joined the LWA! We am, is and are the supergroup here fore to be called SWEET N’ SOUR, INC! That there’s Ricky Landell, this is ‘Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, the mad man there in the mask is Delirious…

DELIRIOUS: Cheerios!

SWEENY: And I am the glue! The Velcro! The Grout in the bricks of life, ‘Sweet N’ Sour’ Larry Sweeny! Sweet and Sour, Inc is here! Step right up and get knocked down!

(THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and JIM CORNETTE stand stone faced staring at the four men. There is a few moments of silence and suddenly the three men begin laughing hysterically!)

CORNETTE (still chucking): Listen boys. Thanks for coming. I’m sure you’re living a dream by being here in the big leagues and not some rinky-dink indy fed. But you see, my men here have a title defense tonight. After we take care of the Valiants, we’ll be more than happy to show you gentlemen how we do things here in the WCCW.

SWEENY: Well, we appreciate that, Pops, but you see, now that Sweet N’ Sour, Inc has arrived and the rules are about to be changed. (SWEENY smirks.) Good luck on that title defense. Let’s go boys.

(SWEET N’ SOUR, INC. pushes past CORNETTE and THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS who just stare in disbelief as we cut to the opening montage!)

S. D. Jones d. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce via DQ when Adam Pearce refuses to stop brawling – DUD – ADAM PEARCE decided to send a message that SWEET N’ SOUR, INC. meant business. PEARCE refused to listen to the ref’s admonitions and took the action outside the ring and kept it there until the ref had no choice but to Disqualify them. After the match LARRY SWEENY grabbed the mic.

SWEENY: Who’s the big man now Jones? Who’s the big man now, huh? Ha ha haaaaa! Hey WCCW, Sweet N’ Sour is has arrived.

(PEARCE and SWEENY returned to the locker room. S.D. JONES was soon back on his feet and headed back to the locker room. Dazed, but no worse for wear.)

BACK ALLEY PUNKS d. THE MONGOLS via DQ when BEPO slammed BEEFCAKE into the steel rails at ringside – ** – This was the wild affair we usually see when the MONGOLS in the ring. After the closing bell, it took three officials to clear the ring. These two teams will, no doubt, meet again.

Ricky Landell d. Cousin Luke via pinfall with a TOP ROPE FIST DROP – ***1/2 – LANDELL looked impressive in his debut and LARRY SWEENY couldn’t have been more ecstatic that he picked up the win!

NEW AGE OUTLAWS d. THE ARMSTRONGS via COUNTOUT after GUNN slammed BOB ARMSTRONG outside the ring and he was unable to answer the ten count – **** – This was a fair match until the countout ending. Both teams were putting on a great match for the fans.

Tom Prichard d. Delirious with a pinfall after using a FOREIGN OBJECT – *** – LARRY SWEENY’S man named DELIRIOUS was out of control. TOM PRICHARD had no idea on how to handle the wild man and in the end it was a foreign object slipped into the ring by JIM CORNETTE that brought down the wild man. As SWEENY tended to the fallen DELIRIOUS, CORNETTE grabbed the mic.

CORNETTE: Ha ha haaa. Sweeny, welcome to the WCCW! It ain’t gonna be as easy as it looks! Ha ha haaaaa!

(PRICHARD and CORNETTE went back to the locker room and SWEENY followed behind helping a dazed DELIRIOUS to the back.)

King Harley Race d. Dennis Condrey via DQ due to a huge brawl that erupted outside the ring – DUD – The fans were HOT for this match and were very disappointed the match ended in a disqualification. The two men brawled all the way to the back to the locker rooms.


APTER: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, along with his manager Captain Lou Albano, the new WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, The Missing Link!

(The CROWD goes nuts and out comes THE MISSING LINK and CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO.)

APTER: Well, Lou, here he is, the new WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

ALBANO: That’s right Bill! The most unpredictable athlete in the sport today is now the most decorated champion in the entire LWA! In fact, we’re here to issue an open challenge to LWA WORLD CHAMPION Rick Rude! Rude, if you are half the champion you claim to be, then you’ll gladly put the LWA title on the line against the Link! We’ll be awaiting your reply!

APTER: Well, there you have it. An open challenge to Rick Rude! Will he except? Stay tuned fans! And now to the ring for our Main Event of the evening!

THE VALIANT BROTHERS d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS when Jimmy Valiant defeated Stan Lane with a SUPER ELBOW into a pinfall – ***** – This was an amazing match and CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO’S men were able to finally upset the long reigning MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. After the closing bell, STAN LANE and BOBBY EATON got into a huge shoving match! CORNETTE got in between them and tried to separate them! He was finally able to get them to calm down, but BOBBY EATON left LANE and CORNETTE standing in the middle of the ring as CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO ran out to celebrate the victory with THE VALIANT BROTHERS! The crowd was going nuts as we…