Magnificent Muraco d. Johnny Rodz via pinfall after a deathjump – SQUASH – MURACO makes short work of RODZ and takes him out with the same move RACE used last week! MURACO grabbed the mic after the match.

MURACO: Race! I’m waiting for your answer! You, me, the cage! Wrestlemania 3!

The Mountie d. George South via pinfall after a short chokeslam – * – SENSATION SHERRI and THE MOUNTI celebrated after the win. THE MOUNTIE still had that briefcase with the $10,000 of TED DIBIASE’S in it.

The Sheik d. S.D. Jones via pinfall after a FIREBALL behind the ref’s back – **1/2 – S.D. JONES was dominating this match from the beginning. Then, THE GRAND WIZARD hopped up on the apron and when the ref went over to yell at him to get down, THE SHEIK unloaded with a FIREBALL directly in JONES’ face! THE SHEIK got the pinfall victory. After the match, as aides saw to JONES, THE GRAND WIZARD grabbed the mic.

GRAND WIZARD: Technical abilities mean nothing when dealing with the SHEIK. What good did technical ability do this loser tonight? No good at all! And come Wrestlemania 3, you will be the first to bleed!

NEW AGE OUTLAWS d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via DQ when Ted DiBiase refused to bring the action back inside the ring – **1/2 – This became a wild donnybrook early on and soon the ref lost all control. The match ended in DQ shortly after it began.


First out was none other than KING HARLEY RACE along with BOBBY “THE BRAIN” HEENAN. HEENAN asked for the mic but RACE grabbed it before he could take it. They conversed in private for a second and then RACE held up the mic.

HARLEY RACE: Muraco. You call yourself Magnificent. You call yourself the The Rock. Well, be you Magnificent or Rock, you are not The King. I am The King of wrestling. Now my manager here, doesn’t think I should risk my career climbing inside a steel cage with you. But I’ve assured Bobby that everything will be fine. For you see sometimes, The King has to go into battle. Sometimes The King has to show the peasants. The lower class. Why The King is The King. So Muraco, I accept and I will meet you in that cage at Wrestlemania! And when all is said and done, you will be bowing, no groveling, to The King!

RACE and HEENAN left and APTER introduced his next guests, THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION THE MISSING LINK and his manager, a still slightly battered, CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO. APTER asked how ALBANO was feeling.

ALBANO: I feel great Bill! You know why? Because I got rid of the dead weight around my ankles. Those stupid Valiant Brothers are gone! Good riddance! Now I can focus all my time and attention on this man right here! The World Heavyweight Champion, The Missing Link. Now, Commissioner Patrick has informed me that Link here will be wrestling Rick Rude once again at Wrestlemania 3! Heh. Rude, just because you were the LWF World Champion, that means NOTHING! And come Wrestlemania, you’ll be just another checkmark in his win column!

THE MISSING LINK and LABANO leave as we go up to the ring to see the challenger in action in our TV Main Event!

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. “Ravishing” Rick Rude with a pinfall after the SUPERFLY LEAP – ***** – An absolutely amazing match and an amazing win by JIMMY SNUKA! The fans in the WCCW Studios were nuts by the end of this fantastic match.

After the bell RUDE and HEENAN attack SNUKA from behind! Then KING KONG BUNDY came to ringside and joined in the pummeling of SNUKA! RUDE and HEENAN held SNUKA down as BUNDY delivered an awesome AVALANCHE to the superstar! RUDE, BUNDY and HEENAN all stood triumphantly in the ring over the fallen SNUKA as we went off the air.