Live from Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA!

COMMISSIONER PATRICK welcomes the crowd to WRESTLEMANIA 3! He says as Commissioner he needs has responsibilities. Responsibilities to the fans who attend the events, responsibilities to the wrestlers in the back and, most importantly, responsibility to the WCCW board. To that end he says his job is to cut the fat in the WCCW and that’s exactly what he plans on doing. He says the Dark Match battle royal he’d scheduled for tonight has been cancelled and three of the wrestlers, GEORGE SOUTH, JOHNNY RODZ and LARRY SHARPE who were to participate have had their contracts bought out and are no longer with the company. He says tonight is the first step towards cutting the fat and he’s putting the entire roster on notice. Step up your game or you’re gone.

The Mountie d. Koko B. Ware via pinfall after a dropkick – *1/2 – THE MOUNTIE makes short work of KOKO B. WARE, defeating him soundly. After the match THE MOUNTIE grabbed the mic and said he couldn’t wait to see HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN destroy BOB ORTON later tonight and claim the MILLION DOLLAR MAN’S $10,000.

King Kong Bundy d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with a submission with a big bear hug – *1/2 – KING KONG BUNDY looks impressively dominant against JIMMY SNUKA. It was obvious that SNUKA was not happy with this outcome especially after the beatdown he received at the hands of BUNDY on MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM. This definitely looks like the beginning of a feud.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. “Cowboy” Bob Orton with a grabbing the $10,000 – *** – Immediately after the match, HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN grabbed the mic and told the audience perhaps they lost faith in him. Going after ORTON simply for the money. He said he was sure that he’s lost some fans because of this and wondered if there was any way he could get them back. Then, in one swift motion, DUGGAN began throwing big wads of hundreds out to the rabid crowd!

THE MOUNTIE and SHERRI MARTEL rushed down to ringside to try and prevent him from doing so and COWBOY BOB ORTON held them off smiling! ORTON wants THE MOUNTIE badly and it appears as if THE MOUNTIE wants no part of ORTON! Things are definitely heating up between these two. THE MOUNTIE high tailed it back to Before leaving the ring DUGGAN and ORTON shook hands to the wild cheering of the crowd.

MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION d. NEW AGE OUTLAWS via pinfall when Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase covered “Road Dogg” Jesse James after a powerslam – **1/2 – After the match THE MOUNTIE ran to ringside and with VIRGIL and DIBIASE they all began beating on the NEW AGE OUTLAWS. GUNN got knocked out of the ring and the three men from the CORPORATION wailed on ROAD DOGG until security was able to come break things up. ROAD DOGG was taken from the ring via stretcher and appeared to be injured.

Mr. Perfect defeated The Sheik with a running knee lift broke THE SHIEK’S forehead right open – ****1/5 – A brutal match. A brutal brutal match. Both men pulled out all the stops. MR. PERFECT lived up to his name by getting the win and proved that, at least this night, technical ability trumped sheer savage unpredictability.

We cut to backstage where we find CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO, GRAND WIZARD and COMMISSIONER PATRICK arguing. PATRICK quiets them both up and asks the WIZARD to explain it again. WIZARD says there’s a problem with VOLKOFF’S travel visa and he can’t make it to the show tonight. ALBANO yells that his men, THE KILLER BEES win their match by forfeit. The arguing begins again and again PATRICK quiets them down. He says that the people in attendance and the people watching on Pay Per View paid good money to see a match and that’s what they were going to get. He makes the match a one on one, two out of three falls match between THE IRON SHEIK and B. BRIAN BLAIR.

Iron Sheik d. B. Brian Blair
1. B. Brian Blair defeated Iron Sheik with a DQ when IRON SHIEK slammed BLAIR into the guardrails
2. Iron Sheik defeated B. Brian Blair with a submission with the camel clutch
3. Iron Sheik defeated B. Brian Blair with a pinfall after a piledriver
***** – Before the third fall, because of constant interference by ALBANO and THE GRAND WIZARD, COMMISSIONER PATRICK banned both managers from ringside for the deciding fall. The IRON SHEIK proved why he was a former HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION by with this performance tonight!

Magnificent Muraco d. King Harley Race with an escape after the HAWAIIAN HAMMER – *** – This match was pretty much all everyone thought it would be. MURACO got the win but immediately after the match, the entire HEENAN FAMILY appeared at ringside and chased MURACO back up into the ring. HEENAN then locked the door and RUDE, BUNDY, PERFECT and RACE began wailing away on MURACO. Each taking a turn performing their finishing moves on him. SNUKA ran to ringside and scaled the ring. HEENAN’S men bailed out the door as SNUKA tended to the obviously injured MURACO.

THE ROAD WARRIORS d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via pinfall when Road Warrior Animal covered Stan Lane after a powerslam – ***1/2 – THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS tried their best to get some sort of edge on the champs there was no chance for them to. THE ROAD WARRIORS dominated the match from beginning to end. THE ROAD WARRIORS are the WORLD CHAMPIONS and they showed why tonight.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude defeated Missing Link with a pinfall after the RUDE AWAKENING – *** – BOBBY HEENAN was ecstatic! The WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP was back in his family! RUDE didn’t let LINK get any sort of edge in the match and walked away with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! The entire HEENAN FAMILY came to the ring to celebrate with RUDE as we…