King Harley Race defeated Koko B. Ware via pinfall after a PILEDRIVER – * – Though WARE did get in some offense, this match belonged to RACE who was still billing himself as THE KING even though he lost his Wrestlemania match. When asked why he was still THE KING even after loosing BOBBY HEENAN chuckled, “Well, do you see Muraco around anywhere? I don’t. So if he’s not here, that means Race is still…The King!”

The Sheik defeated Cousin Luke via submission with the CAMEL CLUTCH – *** – COUSIN LUKE put up a good fight, but THE SHIEK was far too much for him. As THE SHEIK and the GRAND WIZARD made their way back to the ring, a security guard was jostled by a fan and knocked back into THE SHEIK. THE SHEIK went mad and began attacking the guard and hit him with a fireball while he was on the ground. THE GRAND WIZARD just laughed maniacally as THE SHEIK continued to wail away on the guard. Finally officials were able to turn THE SHEIK back to the locker room. THe guard was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

THE DREAM TEAM d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via submission  when Greg “The Hammer” Valentine trapped Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase with a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK – SQUASH – Huge win for the DREAM TEAM here. This one was short and to the point and VALENTINE found an opening and took it. Of course, it helps that the MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION was a bit distracted by COWBOY BOB ORTON who stood at the entranceway during the match, no doubt looking for THE MOUNTIE who was not at ringside! Either way it was a short an embarrassing evening for DIBIASE and his stable.

HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN came to the ring with a fan in tow. He told the crowd that this young man had been ringside at Wrestlemania and got a bunch of the cash that DUGGAN had thrown out after winning the match there. He said he’d used the money to help with a surgery for his dad and when DUGGAN found that out he invited the young man, Chuck, to accompany him to ringside for the night! All in attendance cheered loudly at this revelation.

The Mountie defeated “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan with a pinfall after THE MOUNTIE hit DUGGAN with THE SHOCK STICK – ***** – DUGGAN was majorly in control in this match! He was close to beating THE MOUNTIE several times and even had busted him clean open. However, in the final moments of the match, SENSATIONAL SHERRI handed THE MOUNTIE the shock stick and THE FAN that DUGGAN had brought to ringside leapt up on the apron distracting the ref! THE MOUNTIE his DUGGAN with the shock stick sending him convulsing to the mat and then going for the cover. After the match, THE MOUNTIE and SHERRI began stalking the fan, but then smiled and embraced him! They handed him a wad of cash and all three left together as DUGGAN lay motionless in the ring. A dirty handed double cross! Moments later ORTON ran to the ring to help DUGGAN up.

Guests: WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan

RICK RUDE and BOBBY “THE BRAIN” HEENAN came out and RUDE was bragging that now he was the top man in the WCCW and HEENAN said with the belt in the family that makes his stable the most predominant stable in the federation. Just then SIR OLIVER HUMPERDINK came out and got in HEENAN’S face. HUMPERDINK was furious that HEENAN and his men had put MURACO out for ten cards and he vowed that he’d get revenge! HEENAN laughed in his face and asked how he planned to do that. HUMPERDINK replied that he’d been scouting a new wrestler to bring hi to the WCCW to take on HEENAN’S stable. HEENAN laughed saying it would take a heck of a man to go up agains the entire HEENAN family and HUMPERDINK promised HEENAN that this man was more than up to the challenge.

THE GRAND WIZARD came out and stated that tonight, if his team of VOLKOFF and THE IRON SHIEK lost in any manner to the KILLER BEES, he would be immediately disbanding the team! THis was a shock to all in attendance and even looked to be a bit of a shock to THE IRON SHEIK and NIKOLAI VOLKOFF!

KILLER BEES d. Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Shiek via DQ when Iron Sheik refused to stop brawling and bring the action into the ring – *1/2 – This one was short and sweet. The ref called for the bell due to excessive brawling on the part of THE IRON SHEIK! After the match, THE GRAND WIZARD stormed backstage with IRON SHEIK and VOLKOFF yelling after him! What does this mean for the team of VOLKOFF and THE IRON SHEIK! Guess we’ll find out next time and that’s all the time we have for this week!