BOBBY HEENAN is out and he calls out SIR OLIVER HUMPERDINK. HUMPERDINK stands at the curtain. HEENAN says that HUMPERDINK has been talking tough about how he’s going to bring a big man to the WCCW to take on HEENAN’S men! HEENAN announces that, even though he’s not scared, he went out and found the toughest man he could find to act as the HEENAN FAMILY bodyguard! He then introduces the ONE MAN GANG! The monster comes through the curtain and stares down HUMPERDINK and continues to the ring to stand next to HEENAN! HEENAN tells HUMPERDINK to stand there and watch this next match as GANG will destroy his opponent just like he’ll destroy anyone who tried to attack any of his men!

One Man Gang defeated Koko B. Ware via pinfall after the 747 SPLASH – SQUASH – After the match HEENAN races into the ring to raise the ONE MAN GANG’S hand! He’s yelling out to HUMPERDINK who just stands there in disbelief!

HUMPERDINK then nods and the ONE MAN GANG flattens HEENAN with a clothesline! GANG then exits the ring and walks up to HUMPERDINK. The two men shake hands and exit together, leaving HEENAN laid out in the middle of the ring!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. THE DREAM TEAM via DQ when BEEFCAKE pulls the ref out of the ring to stop a pinfall attempt – * – THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS dominated until the DQ finish! CORNETTE was not happy afterwards!

George “The Animal” Steele defeated S. D. Jones via pinfall after a cross body block from the top rope – * – The unique GEORGE “THE ANIMAL” STEELE picks up a win in his debut match against S.D. Jones. An unorthodox athlete to say the least! After the match he devoured a turnbuckle at ringside!

Cousin Luke d. Iron Sheik via DQ when THE BOLSHEVIKS attack COUSIN LUKE – DUD – COUSIN LUKE looked like he might actually pick up a surprise win over the IRON SHEIK when suddenly THE BOLSHEVIKS stormed to ringside and attacked LUKE. The ref gave the decision to LUKE but the SHEIK and BOLSHEVIKS continued their attack! When officials were able to restore order, LUKE looked to be injured and was taken out on a stretcher.

King Harley Race d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with a pinfall after a PILEDRIVER – * – RACE made short work of SNUKA in this match who was distracted by the presence of HEENAN and BUNDY at ringside!

with guests…

ORTON comes out with THE MOUNTIE’S shock stick and says if MOUNTIE wants it back he can come take it from him, in a steel cage!

MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION – DIBIASE, VIRGIL and SHERRI come out, apparently unscheduled and when APTER asks why they are there, DIBIASE announces that they are the new WCCW TAG TEAMC CHAMPIONSHIP #1 contenders! A shock to be sure! Especially after the teams recent losses. When questioned about this DIBIASE smiled and said that the Championship Committee wanted to pick a team that, for them, made a lot of dollars and cents!

KING KONG BUNDY – BUNDY came out with HEENAN who looked the worse for wear. BUNDY began yelling about soon he’d get his hands on SNUKA and get rid of him for good! This brought out SNUKA and they two started facing off! Suddenly RICK RUDE, HARLEY RACE and MR. PERFECT jumped SNUKA from behind and started attacking him. HEENAN held off officials as the men lifted SNUKA up onto a table and RUDE brought over the ringsteps! BUNDY climbed the steps and delivered and AVALANCHE to SNUKA through the table!! The men stood around laughing down at SNUKA as the show went off the air.