KILLER BEES d. THE BOLSHEVIKS via submission when B. Brian Blair locked Nikolai Volkoff in a SLEEPER – **1/2 – THE KILLER BEES pick up another decisive win over THE BOLSHEVIKS. After the bell, THE BOLSHEVIKS attacked the celebrating KILLER BEES and the four of them needed to be separated by officials. This feud has some legs yet!

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. Mr. Perfect via DQ due to MR. PERFECT hitting HACKSAW with his own 2×4 – ** – MR. PERFECT hardly got a chance to use his superior technical skills as DUGGAN ran roughshod all over him. The action spilled out of the ring and PERFECT grabbed DUGGAN’S 2×4 and cracked him over the head forcing the ref to call the match.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via pinfall. when Stan Lane hit Virgil with a ROCKET LAUNCHER – SQUASH – Love them or hate them the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS came out to prove that there’s no way the MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION should be challenging for the titles at STARCADE and that’s exactly what they did, soundly trouncing DIBIASE and VIRGIL in record time. CORNETTE’S men were victorious but the win was, no doubt, bittersweet as they knew the team they just beat will be challenging for the belts.

S. D. Jones d. One Man Gang with a pinfall after the HEADBUTT – **1/2 – A huge upset win for HUMPERDINK’S new man in his second match here in the WCCW! Of course, ONE MAN GANG was distracted by the presence of KING HARLEY RACE who appeared at the top of the ramp with BOBBY HEENAN to, obviously, scout this new addition. When they saw how easily he went down though, they smirked and walked away.

Missing Link d. King Kong Bundy via pinfall after a back flying headbutt – *** –  Halfway through the match the ref tossed BOBBY HEENAN from ringside due to his constant distraction! At the end THE MISSING LINK would get the one, two, three and is victorious heading into STARCADE!