George “The Animal” Steele d. S.D. Jones via submission after a FLYING HAMMERLOCK – * – The unpredictable ANIMAL picks up another win using the savage FLYING HAMMERLOCK. No one’s been able to get a good offense going against this madman because he’s so unpredictable.

Andre The Giant d. Mr. Perfect via pinfall after a body slam – ***** – One thing can be said here, MR. PERFECT did not shy away from THE GIANT at all! MR. PERFECT brought the fight to the big man’s front door. THE GIANT was still a bit too powerful for PERFECT to overcome.

After the match THE GIANT grabbed the microphone and told HEENAN that he knows that he was the ultimate mastermind behind the attack on JIMMY SNUKA and for that he was going to go through the entire HEENAN family, “one, by one, by one…” until he gets to HEENAN himself! HEENAN turned white as a sheet and high tailed it back to the locker room with PERFECT.

Iron Sheik d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via DQ when DUGGAN rammed SHIEK into the guardrails at ringside – ** – After the match, DUGGAN grabbed his 2×4 and chased IRON SHEIK all the way back to the locker room much to the delight of the crowd!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via pinfall when Bobby Eaton covered Virgil after the VEG-O-MATIC – **1/2 – THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS look impressive against THE MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION. There’s little doubt they will be named #1 contenders for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

HEENAN and RACE made their way down to the ring for our main event. As they got to the ring a fan threw a soda towards HEENAN. HEENAN was able to duck it but quickly rounded up ringside security and had them try to look for the fan. This continued as ONE MAN GANG and HUMPERDINK made their way to ringside.

As GANG approached the ring, a masked man leapt the guardrails, shoved HUMPERDINK down and began attacking GANG! Security was on the other side of the ring searching for the fan who threw the soda at HEENAN and it was a minute before they realized and ran over to get the attacker off GANG! The attacker fled into the crowd and GANG made it up into the ring. As soon as he did, HEENAN called for the bell and RACE pounced!

King Harley Race d. One Man Gang via pinfall after a PILEDRIVER – *** – ONE MAN GANG started a little distracted after the attack on the way to the ring and RACE took advantage. GANG was never quite able to refocus and RACE was able to put him away with an IMPRESSIVE piledriver! After the match, HEENAN and RACE left the ringside area as security searched for the masked attacker!

BILL APTER came out and announced a match signed for the next MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM will be a match between KING KONG BUNDY and the returning JIMMY SNUKA! The crowd cheered loudly for this and then even louder when APTER announced that accompanying SNUKA to ringside would be none other than ANDRE THE GIANT! That all happens on the next MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! Then APTER introduced his first guest…

HILBILLY JIM – JIM came out to cheers and let fans know that COUSIN LUKE was doing much better after the attack by the BOLSHEVIKS. He then said he noticed that HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN seemed to have some trouble with THE IRON SHEIK and proposed that DUGGAN team up with him and LUKE to take on THE IRON SHEIK and THE BOLSHEVIKS in six man action! The crowd was very into this challenge! We’ll have to wait for a response!
next up…

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – THE ROAD WARRIORS with PAUL ELLERING – THE ROAD WARRIORS came out to big cheers. APTER asked them who they thought would be named the new #1 contenders to the belt. They replied that it doesn’t matter as they’ve beaten every single team in the federation and they will continue to do so. The champs posed as we signed off for the night!

Goodnight fans!