THE MOUNTIE comes to the ring with SENSATIONAL SHERRI. He demands that COWBOY BOB ORTON come to the ring. ORTON walks straight out with SIR OLIVER HUMPERDINK behind him. HUMPERDINK grabs him and tells him he’s already proven he could beat THE MOUNTIE, why not focus on RUDE and the belt? ORTON replies he never backs down from a fight. ORTON gets in the ring and walks right up to THE MOUNTIE.

THE MOUNTIE says that ORTON has something of his and demands his shock stick back. ORTON laughs and says it’s now mounted on his wall at home as a trophy for defeating him!

THE MOUNTIE attacks ORTON! The two tumble out of the ring to the floor. HUMPERDINK tries to pull them apart and SENSATIONAL SHERRI starts clawing at HUMPERDINK’S back!

SECURITY runs down and tries to separate the men who refuse to stop brawling! Finally COMMISSIONER PATRICK runs to ringside and yells at the both of them to stop though the mic. He says he’s had enough of these attacks between ORTON and THE MOUNTIE! If they want each other they will get each other tonight! In a TEXAS DEATH MATCH! PATRICK then announces that NO ONE will be allowed at ringside and to make sure this match is the LAST of the feud between these two, the loser of the match will be BANNED from competition until JANUARY of next year!

The crowd cheered wildly as we now have a big double main event!

Hillbilly Jim d. Koko B. Ware via pinfall after a big scoop slam – SQUASH – HILLBILLY JIM was dominant in this sort of ho-hum match.

After the match he grabbed the mic and said that HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN has agreed to team up with him and COUSIN LUKE to take on THE IRON SHEIK and THE BOLSHEVIKS! Now it’s all up to them to decide whether they want to take the challenge or not!

Cousin Luke d. Missing Link via DQ when MISSING LINK refused to return the action to the ring – *1/2 – COUSIN LUKE looked to be in good shape and even got some offense in on the former WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP but the LINK took things outside the ring and wouldn’t bring the action back in leading to a DQ win for LUKE!

THE DREAM TEAM d. KILLER BEES via DQ when B. Brian Blair refused to stop brawling with Bruts Beefcake – *1/2 – This wasn’t much of a competition as the DREAM TEAM started playing dirty and were soon DQ’d when BEEFCAKE was found using the tag rope to choke BLAIR! The ref called for the bell and the BEES get the win.

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. The Mountie via pinfall after a SUPERPLEX – *** – ORTON has done it! He’s beaten THE MOUNTIE and now the MOUTIE is gone until JANUARY! The crowd went nuts and jeered THE MOUNTIE as he slinked to the back! HUMPERDINK ran out to celebrate and BILL APTER ran to the ring and asked what ORTON’S plans were now. ORTON replied, he’s looking right at RAVISHING RICK RUDE and the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. King Kong Bundy via DQ when the HEENAN FAMILY stormed the ring and attacked SNUKA and ANDRE – **1/2 – ANDRE THE GIANT had accompanied JIMMY SNUKA to ringside to prevent any interference! SNUKA had BUNDY close to being beat several times when HEENAN signaled to the back and MR. PERFECT and KING HARLEY RACE ran to ringside and began attacking SNUKA and ANDRE. The bell was soon called for and the win was given to SNUKA who soon recovered and cleared the ring of HEENAN and his men! Afterwards ANDRE raised SNUKA’S hand high to the cheers of the crowd!

BILL APTER came out and welcomed everyone to the show. He announced that his guest next time would be COMMISSIONER PATRICK who would announce the #1 contenders for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS for LAST NIGHT, the final SuperCard of the year! He also said that a HUGE main event has just been signed for the next MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! It’ll be a six-man tag team event featuring KING HARLEY RACE, MR. PERFECT and KING KONG BUNDY against ONE MAN GANG, JIMMY SUPERFLY SNUKA and ANDRE THE GIANT! A reinforced ring may be needed! Now onto this week’s HOT SEAT guests!

IRON SHEIK & THE BOLSHEVIKS – The three men come out to a loud chorus of boos from the studio crowd. After VOLKOFF demanded to sing the RUSSIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM (which couldn’t be heard over the booing of the crowd), IRON SHEIK they would only accept the challenge of the HILLBILLIES and DUGGAN if they agreed to a GULAG ELIMINATION MATCH! Apter asked what that means and SHIEK explained that it was a SIX MAN STEEL CGAE MATCH that continued until all members of one team had escaped! The three men laughed and said now it was up to the HILLBILLIES & DUGGAN to decide if they’ll accept the challenge!

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION – “RAVISHING” RICK RUDE with BOBBY “THE BRAIN” HEENAN – RUDE and HENNAN came out to boos as well. RUDE ignored them. HEENAN told them to be quiet and show the proper respect to the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. The crowd booed loudly.

APTER asked RUDE to speculate on who the number one contender would be. RUDE didn’t even answer. HEENAN said that APTER doesn’t deserve to ask the CHAMPION such inane questions! It doesn’t matter who the number one contender is! RUDE is the champ and he will beat ANYONE he steps in the ring with! At this point HEENAN cut the interview off and left the set! APTER thanked everyone for coming and reminded all to tune in next week for the announcement of the number one contenders and the big six man tag main event!

Goodnight fans!