MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via submission when Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase locked Stan Lane in the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM – **1/2 – MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION pull off a huge win beating the team many consider the #1 contenders to the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! Many say that, as the lowest ranked tag team in the fed, this was a MUST win for DiBiase and Virgil. And they did.

Missing Link d. George “The Animal” Steele via DQ due to out of the ring brawling – DUD – When this one finally started, when the officials were able to get both men in the ring, it got wild quick and the actions left the ring and it was just a matter of minutes before the ref called to the bell as neither man would follow his directions. Then it took almost as long to get the two to stop tearing into each other! Ironically, it was CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO to finally calm both men down. Apparently his experience with LINK has given him insight in soothing the savage beast that is George “The Animal” Steele!

S. D. Jones d. Cousin Luke via pinfall after a HEAD BUTT – *1/2 – S.D. JONES picks up a win against the returning COUSIN LUKE!

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. Iron Sheik with a DQ when a wild brawl breaks out – * – HILLBILLY JIM accompanied DUGGAN to the ring and VOLKOFF came to ringside with IRON SHEIK! It wasn’t too long before both men got involved and when COUSIN LUKE and BORIS ZUKHOV ran down and wild six man brawl ensued. The ref called for the bell and officials ran out to separate the men! As they were being led off DUGGAN grabbed the mic and agreed to the GULAG ELIMINATION MATCH at LAST NIGHT ’72!

Andre The Giant, One Man Gang, and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. King Kong Bundy, King Harley Race, and Mr. Perfect via DQ when  PERFECT slams ANDRE into the guardrails and a wild brawl broke out – * – Fans were hoping for a longer match but there’s so much animosity between these six men that it’s not really a surprise it ended in a DQ ruling. What surprised many was how MR. PERFECT took after ANDRE THE GIANT. He found the big man a great challenge but many admired his voracity! In the end though tempers ran high and the ref had to call for the bell as another brawl broke out!

BILL APTER came out and mentioned to fans that as we near LAST NIGHT, tempers run high and feuds are building. He said that explains the many wild brawls tonight. He billboards next week’s show and the next episode of THE HOT SEAT will have the #1 contenders on as well as the evening MIAN EVENT a return match between THE DREAM TEAM and THE KILLER BEES.

He introduced COMMISSIONER PATRICK to announce the #1 contenders. At LAST NIGHT facing the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE ROAD WARRIORS, despite their loss tonight, will be THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. And taking on “RAVISHING” RICK RUDE for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP will be COWBOY BOB ORTON!

As COMMISSIONER PATRICK was talking a bit more about LAST NIGHT, SENSATIONAL SHERRI came out and interrupted the proceedings. She said that though THE MOUNTIE is banned from January, he will have a special video message for the GSW audience next week. And it’s a message COWBOY BOB ORTON will want to watch!

SHERRI’S piercing laugh is what we hear as we…