Live from GSW Studios in Burbank, CA!

Commissioner Patrick welcomed everyone to the final Monday Night Mayhem before WRESTLEMANIA IV and, in a huge surprise announced that this would be the final Monday Night Mayhem! The show is spinning off into two separate shows Wrestling Superstars, airing on Saturday mornings, and Wrestling Challenge, airing on Sunday mornings! Same great action, new name!

George “The Animal” Steele d. Mister X via submission with the FLYING HAMMERLOCK. – SQUASH – Steele looked to be in fine, and quite terrifying, form tonight! After the match, Captain Lou said Steele’s focus right now is revenge on The Mountie! So he issued a challenge for a match between George Steele and The Mountie at Wrestlemania IV in a steel cage! The fans went nuts!

THE KILLER BEES d. THE DREAM TEAM via pinfall when B. Brian Blair pinned Brutus Beefcake after the BEE STING. – *1/2 – Decent match here with the BEES in control for the most of it.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. Cowboy Bob Orton via pinfall after a FLYING SPEAR. – SQUASH – Huge win here for Duggan! Shocked everyone including Orton and Humperdink! Duggan celebrated by running around the ring with his 2 x 4 and shouting his trademark, “Hoooooooo!”

Next out were THE BOLSHEVIKS and Volkoff demanded all rise for the Russian National Anthem! He’d only got a few bars into it when THE BUSHWHACKERS charged the ring and attacked! This was a scheduled match, so the bell was rung!

THE BUSHWHACKERS d. THE BOLSHEVIKS via pinfall when Bushwhacker Luke pinned Boris Zukhov after a DOUBLE GUTBUSTER. – *1/2 – THE BOLSHEVIKS were furious after this loss and demanded the match be restarted. The ref ignored their complaints.

S.D. Jones d. Iron Sheik via pinfall after a series of repeated HEAD BUTTS. – ** – Huge win here for Jones picking up a victory over the current #1 contender! After the match, Jones grabbed the mic and demanded to be the one to face Rude at Wrestlemania. Commissioner Patrick came out and said Sheik would still get his shot but if Sheik wins the belt, Jones would be the first challenger. Jones was not happy!

Bill’s first guest was Magnificent Muraco and Mr. Fuji!
Both were incredibly fired up about the hooded stranger who’d attacked them last time! Muraco said he had no idea who it was under that hood but issued an open challenge to whomever it was at Wrestlemania IV! Will the mystery man accept? Only time will tell.

Out next in the Hot Seat were the MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION with Sherri Martel! DiBiase ran down THE ROAD WARRIORS saying their days as champs were coming to a close and soon the CORPORATION would impose a ‘hostile takeover’ of the straps! This brought out the ROAD WARRIORS and Paul Ellering! Suddenly the Legion of Doom found themselves surrounded when The Mountie appeared and he, DiBiase and Virgil went on the attack! Sherri used The Mountie’s Shock Stick to zap Ellering severely! After security was able to separate everyone, Ellering needed to be take out on a stretcher! Hawk and Animal were NOT happy!

King Harley Race, Mr. Perfect and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan d. Hillbilly Jim, Cousin Luke and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka via pinfall when Mr. Perfect hit Snuka with the PERFECT PLEX. – ***
– Fun match that even saw Heenan get involved to get in cheap shots then quickly tag out! Race and Perfect were able to weaken all the members of the other team and finally get the win! This puts The Heenan Family on top heading into Wrestlemania!

Goodnight fans!