CWFH – Card 1

Live from the Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA!

The Hobo d. Scrap Iron Adam Pearce via DQ when Pearce rams Hobo into the announce table – DUD

ADAM PEARCE: You have the greatest wrestler in this federation in your debut match and he has to fight a Hobo? Not happening. Bring me some worthy opponents!

PROMOTER DAVID MARQUEZ: You’ll wrestle who I tell you to wrestle! You’ll be fighting The Hobo again next card and if you pull anything to get DQ’d again you’ll be looking for work elsewhere!

Willie Mac d. Cedric the Hitman via countout after a spine buster on the arena floor – ***

Scorpio Sky d. Joey Ryan via DQ when Ryan shoves the ref – *

SCORPIO SKY: Ryan, you’re a real piece of shit for laying your hands on the official!

Johnny Yuma d. Nick Madrid via pinfall after a Y-umaga – ****
– Two young guns with something to prove here today! These two put on a heck of a match!