Live from Golden State Wrestling Studios, Burbank, CA!

Koko B. Ware d. Jim Milliman via pinfall after the GHOSTBUSTER – SQUASH
– Koko B. Ware wastes no time in putting Milliman away.

A newcomer to GSW stood in the ring as another new wrestler made his way to the ring carrying a frisbee. After the ring announcer announced him as “Leaping” Lanny Poffo, he asked the ring announcer for the mic.

I have travelled across the globe,
And wrestled everywhere.
But tonight a dream is coming true,
I thought that I should share.

I’ve wrestled in the NWA,
And the WWF as well.
I’ve even flown to New Japan,
Those long plane flights are hell.

But Golden State Wrestling, my friends,
Is the greatest fed by far.
And I’m glad to finally wrestle here,
To truly become a star.

Poffo threw the frisbee, which had the poem he just read on it, out to one lucky fan.

“Leaping” Lanny Poffo d. Tony Atlas via pinfall after a springboard seton – ***
– Poffo gets a big win against a bigger man and gets some cheers from the crowd. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

King Kong Bundy d. S.D. Jones via pinfall after the AVALANCHE and a five count – *1/2
– Jones got in some good offense, but Bundy was just too powerful.

Mr. Perfect d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via pinfall after the PERFECT PLEX – *1/2
– After some initial offense, Perfect is able to put Duggan away and Heenan is overjoyed at his second win in a row.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via pinfall when Stan Lane surprises Virgil with a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP – *
– This one was over quick! DiBiase and Sherri were shocked! Virgil had no clue what happened.

Apter welcomed Cowboy Bob Orton.
Orton said he wanted to introduce a very special friend. Someone fans may have seen on SUPERSTARS…Rowdy Roddy Piper! Bagpipes filled the studio and out came Piper with a sly smile on his face. Apter welcomed him to the Hot Seat.

PIPER: You know, Mr. Apter, I’ve watched your little interview show here an awful lot and I gotta tell you…it’s a really awful show. I mean, the questions you ask…BORING! But there’ not as boring as this drab set!

Apter was flummoxed.

PIPER: Awwww. Did I hurt your feelings? I’m so sorry. Here, let me and Ace (indicating Orton) help you spruce the place up a little bit.

PIPER and ORTON begin destroying the HOT SEAT set. Apter is begging them to stop. Orton chases Apter off the set which is now in ruins.

PIPER: Uh oh! Someone broke the set here. That’s no good! Looks like we’ll have to find something to replace it. (Piper grins mischievously at the camera) We’ll see you next time on Superstars!

PIPER and ORTON laugh as they step over the wrecked remains of the HOT SEAT and exit the studio to boos.

THE DREAM TEAM d. THE BUSHWHACKERS via DQ when Butch refuses to stop brawling – *
– After the ref calls for the bell all four men continue brawling. The MIDNIGHT EXPRESS suddenly appear and begin beating on Valentine and Beefcake as well! Some revenge for Valentine injuring Eaton, no doubt. THE KILLER BEES run out and join the fray attacking THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS! Security floods the studio to pull the eight men apart as the credits roll.

Goodnight, fans!