(We open on the packed WCCW Studios in Burbank, CA and standing in the middle of the ring is none other than S.D. Jones. He has the mic in his hand and a huge smile on his face.)

S.D. JONES: Well, well, well…Did you happen to watch the LWA SUPERCARD back on the 10th?! Did you happen to see me accept the BIG MAN CHALLENGE and destroy that overweight pig, King Kong Bundy? Whoo I tell you that means only one thing, I am the new Big Man in the world of Professional Wrestling! In fact, tonight I will continue my new reign of dominance by destroying Cowboy Bob Orton! So Orton, get out here and get yourself a taste of the K. O. Shuffle!

(Without warning ORTON was out of the locker room and in the ring and the bell had sounded!)

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. S.D. Jones via DQ due to brawling outside the ring. – * – S.D. Jones showed no fear in this match and tore into Orton. The action soon tumbled outside the ring and the match was ended and JONES was disqualified when he brained Orton with a steel chair! Jones has certainly returned from the LWA Supercard with a new attitude and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here!

THE MONGOLS d. NEW AGE OUTLAWS via submission when Geeto Mongol locked “Badd Ass” Billy Gunn in the Gobi Nerve Hold – *1/2

Larry “The Axe” Hennig d. Belgian Brawler via pinfall after THE AXE – *


First out was the MISSING LINK and his manager CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO!

APTER: Well Lou, in recent weeks, it sure seems as if the MISSING LINK has been on a tear.

ALBANO: That’s right brother! You saw it, I saw it, the world saw it! The MISSING LINK was the Sole Survivor and went onto the LWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Tournament!

APTER: I did want to ask you about that because we did see that LINK was disqualified in his opening match.

ALBANO: I admit it, LINK is a bit hard to control at times, but that’s just a testament to his brute strength! There is not a man in the WCCW today that can defeat the Missing Link! He is the BEST in the WCCW today! He can step into the ring with anyone and destroy them.

(Suddenly from the back came none other than former WCCW Heavyweight Champion KING HARLEY RACE.)

RACE: Hold it a minute! Are you kidding me?! The Link is the best in the WCCW? I’m the KING of the WCCW and I can defeat this pathetic excuse for an athlete any time and any place.

ALBANO: Is that right? Well how about right at this very moment in this very ring?

RACE: It’ll be my pleasure!

APTER: There you have it fans, looks like THE DESTROYER will be put on hold till next time as we are heading to the ring!

Missing Link d. King Harley Race via pinfall after a FLYING HEADBUTT – ** – RACE was never able to catch his footing in this match. Some said he was too cocky and quickly became overwhelmed with the LINK’S power. Others are saying that they believe that the KING’S reign as the most dominant WCCW Superstar is nearing its end! We will keep an eye on these events as we press forward!


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