Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. S. D. Jones via pinfall after the SUPERFLY LEAP – **1/2 – Quick match that saw little offense from JONES. Afterwards SNUKA said he’d be taking a special interest in BUNDY’S match later on tonight!

IRON SHEIK and NIKOLAI VOLKOFF come out. They state they were unpleased with how the GRAND WIZARD said he was going to break them up as a tag team. As a result they attacked the GRAND WIZARD and THE SHEIK and have driven them from the WCCW!

IRON SHEIK continues that it is time for him to reclaim the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP so he is breaking up his team with VOLKOFF, but on their terms. Those terms are bringing in a new member and they introduce BORIS ZHUKOV!

KILLER BEES d. THE BOLSHEVIKS via DQ when Volkoff hits a powerbomb on Blair on the arena floor – * – After the bell a wild brawl ensued! It took the refs several minutes to restore order!

Iron Sheik d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via pinfall after a kick to the head with what appeared to be a loaded boot – *** – A good back and forth match but the IRON SHEIK picked up the win in what many are saying was a very underhanded way, using a loaded boot. The ref didn’t see it though so the victory stands.

King Kong Bundy d. Missing Link via DQ when LINK hit BUNDY with a steel chair – *** – This was a wild match between these two and it came to an end when LINK hit BUNDY, who was distracted with SNUKA at ringside, with a steel chair to the back of the head!


The ROAD WARRIORS were out first with PAUL ELLERING. They said they are eagerly looking forwards to who the new #1 CONTENDERS to the WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP are and APTER announced that the WCCW CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE would be meeting next show to decide who would be #1!

After that BILLY GUNN came out and announced that ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES’ injuries were so bad at the hands of the MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION that they have no choice but to leave the WCCW and wrestling! Truly a shocking announcement!

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. The Mountie via pinfall with the SUPERPLEX – * – A lightning quick match! ORTON made short work of THE MOUNTIE and picked up the win! At the end, ORTON grabbed the shock stick from SHERRI MARTEL and went to use it on THE MOUNTIE but nothing happened! It seems MARTEL must have disabled it right when ORTON grabbed it from her! This brief moment of confusion gave THE MOUNTIE the chance he needed to slip away!

ORTON yelled at THE MOUNTIE and MARTEL as they left ringside and this is what we saw as the show went off the air!

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