Live from Golden State Wrestling Studios, Burbank, CA!

Fabulous Moolah d. Leilani Kai via pinfall after a JACKKNIFE CRADLE – ***1/2
– Super competitive match between these two. It took some time but Moolah was able to get a win in her debut here. After the match, Moolah said she is about to put Women’s Wrestling on the map!

Newcomer Leaping Lanny Poffo comes to the ring and asks for the mic to recite another poem.

“Leaping Lanny Poffo has returned
Again, right here, tonight
To show the world and GSW,
The depths of all his might.

My opponent is named Mister X,
He’s shrouded in mystery.
But I shall prevail in this matchup,
That soon you all will see.

Now, Mister X wears a mask,
And that’s something I’m glad he’d choose.
This way you won’t be able to see his tears
When, in moments, he’ll surely lose!”

The fans love this poem. Mister X does not and charges Poffo as the bell rings!

Leaping Lanny Poffo d. Mister X via pinfall after the SKY DROP – **
– Mister X, no doubt fired up about the poem, gave Poffo a run for his money. Poffo looked a tad disappointed at his performance.

DREAM TEAM d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via pinfall when Valentine leveled Eaton with some Valentine Chops – ***
– MIDNIGHT EXPRESS were looking for some revenge against the DREAM TEAM but came up short in this affair. In a ringside interview after the match, Lane and Eaton vowed to get even with Valentine and Beefcake.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan d. One Man Gang via pinfall after the Tough Guy Clothesline – *1/2
– Brutal battle back and forth between these two! Duggan gets the win! After the bell, the two continue brawling and security has to break them apart.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. Mr. Perfect via pinfall with the SUPERFLY LEAP – ***
– The feud that will not end! Superfly, Andre the Giant and The Hillbillies versus The Heenan Family is RED HOT.

Apter welcomes us to the show and says that after the incident that happened with Rowdy Roddy Piper, Piper’s Pit will now have a permanent home on Wrestling Superstars and the Hot Seat will have a permanent home here on Wrestling Challenge.

GUEST: George “The Animal” Steele & Captain Lou Albano – Captain Lou says that George “The Animal” Steele never gets any respect. He is the 4th highest ranked wrestler in Golden State Wrestling yet he’s never considered for a title shot.

Suddenly a man in a mask came out and demanded the microphone. He asked why Apter was giving time to a freak like Steele when he could have an interview with GSW’s newest wrestler The Spoiler!

Steele, usually oblivious to what is going on attacked The Spoiler and a large brawl broke out! Security flooded the set to break them up. Apter was worried his set would be destroyed again, but Security was able to do their job and stop things. Who is this Spoiler?! Fans want to know.

STIPULATION: If Orton and Piper win, Orton gets a shot at the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP
THE BOLSHEVIKS d. Cowboy Bob Orton and Rowdy Roddy Piper when Nikolai Volkoff covers Orton after a deathjump – **
– Lopsided match here. BOLSHEVIKS are definitely the more experienced team! Piper and Orton are visibly upset as Volkoff and Zukhov celebrate in the ring.

The credits roll!

Goodnight, fans!