Live from the ARCO Arena, Sacramento, CA!

– ROUND 1 –

Andre the Giant d. King Harley Race via pinfall after a BIG SPLASH – ***
– Race gave it his all but there was no stopping Andre. Heenan apoplectic at ringside watching his ‘King’ get thrown around like a rag doll. The fans are solidly behind Andre.

George “The Animal” Steele is out next with manager Captain Lou Albano for his match against Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Snuka was managed by Albano for a brief time and Steele immediately goes to hug Snuka. Snuka is friendly but it seems that Steele doesn’t realize that that he’s supposed to actually wrestle Snuka. Albano is trying to explain to him and he thinks he’s got it.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. George “The Animal” Steele via pinfall after the SUPERFLY LEAP – *
– Steele got into the match but seemed to pull his punches, not wanting to hurt Snuka. Snuka took an opening and swept Steel of his feet and then hit the SUPERFLY LEAP to win.

As Albano was helping Steele to the back, The Spoiler suddenly appeared with a chain and blindsided Steele! Albano tried to pull Spoiler off of Stele and got a fistful of chain for his trouble. Security flooded the area to get him to stop. The Spoiler walked away laughing.

Ravishing Rick Rude is out with manager Bobby Heenan. Cowboy Bob Orton is accompanied by Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Ravishing Rick Rude d. Cowboy Bob Orton via pinfall with a top rope sledgehammer – ***
– Hard hitting match between these two. Both men did a lot of damage to each other and Rude ill be feeling the effects into the next round.

Mr. Perfect d. Hacksaw Jim Duggan via pinfall with the PERFECT PLEX – *
– Duggan came in on fire but Perfect just waited for his moment to attack! Like a surgeon he hit Duggan out of nowhere and will advance to the next round.


Andre the Giant made his way ringside with his opponent, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka! The two talked as they climbed into the ring. There was no confusion like there had been with Steele. These two friends were going to give it their all to get to the finals.

Andre the Giant d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka via pinfall with the BIG SPLASH – *
– Andre wins and is going to the finals. He helps Snuka up and the two hug. Wherever The Iron Sheik is he is, no doubt, getting a little antsy seeing Andre win in such a dominating fashion.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan heads to ringside with Mr. Perfect and Ravishing Rick Rude. He stops in the aisle and sends them down. Uncharacteristically, Heenan did not accompany his men to ringside.

Mr. Perfect d. Ravishing Rick Rude via pinfall after a standing dropkick – **
– Great back and forth match between these two! Rude held on surprisingly well considering the damage that’d been done to him by Orton. He even felt some damage to Perfect, but in the end Perfect gets the win and advances to the finals to take on Andre!

COMMERCIAL – Commercial for LAST NIGHT which will be the next big supercard! Announcement of the $25,000 over the top Battle Royal and a look at some of the early entrants!

Andre the Giant d. Mr. Perfect via pinfall with the BIG SPLASH – *
– Wow! What a match! Mr. Perfect threw everything he had at the Giant! He even had Andre’s shoulders down for a near fall! Mr. Perfect hung in as long as he possibly could but he was just no match for Andre.

Andre the Giant, the new number 1 contender to The Iron Sheik’s WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP stood in the ring with a big smile and waved at the crowd as the credits began to roll.

Goodnight, fans!