Live from Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA!

King Harley Race eliminated Mr. Perfect to win the Battle Royal and claiming the $25,000 prize


  1. Koko B. Ware by Don Muraco
  2. Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase by B. Brian Blair
  3. Jim Cornette by Bushwhacker Butch
  4. S.D. Jones by King Harley Race
  5. Virgil by Rowdy Roddy Piper (who smashed him with a FOREIGN OBJECT)
  6. Bushwhacker Luke by Mr. Perfect
  7. Bushwhacker Butch by Mr. Perfect as he ran to save Bushwhacker Luke
  8. Mister X by Cousin Luke
  9. King Kong Bundy by Don Muraco
  10. B. Brian Blair. by Rowdy Roddy Piper
  11. Cousin Luke by Mr. Perfect
  12. Don Muraco by King Harley Race
  13. Rowdy Roddy Piper by Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  14. Jumping Jim Brunzell by Cowboy Bob Orton
  15. Captain Lou Albano by Mr. Perfect
  16. Hacksaw Jim Duggan by Cowboy Bob Orton
  17. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka by Mr. Perfect – These two wailed on each other! Looks like a feud has broken off of the Heenan Family/Hillbillies feud.
  18. Cowboy Bob Orton by King Harley Race
  19. Mr. Perfect by King Harley Race


Heenan celebrates wildly as King Harley Race is awarded the duffel bag full of $25,000. He hands it to Heenan for safe keeping (which may not be a great idea). Mr. Perfect grabs the ring announcers mic.

PERFECT: Snuka! Your days are numbered! I’m coming for you!

Sensational Sherri and Rockin’ Robin d. Fabulous Moolah and Leilani Kai via DQ when the action spills outside the ring and Moolah smashes Sherri with a chair – ***
– Rockin’ Robin and Leilani Kai saw no action in this match as Sherri and Moolah tore into each other! Moolah dominated Sherri but Sherri kept rolling out of the ring to try and escape. Frustrated, Moolah smashed her with a chair despite the ref’s warnings! Sherri and Moolah brawled after the bell, pulled apart by their respective tag partners.

Leaping Lanny Poffo heads to the ring for a rematch against Jim Milliman who is already in the ring. It appears he has a new poem to read.

Last time we met,
I admit, I fret,
You got the better of me Jim.
But tonight I know
At the end of the show
The result won’t be so grim.

I spent the time since,
Training until I wince
And learning new moves you’ll see.
When the bell does ring,
Leaping Lanny’s fans will sing
As my hand is raised in victory!

The fans cheer and Jim Milliman loves it and again goes to shake Poffo’s hand before the match.

Jim Milliman d. Leaping Lanny Poffo via pinfall after Poffo missed a turnbuckle charge – **
– Milliman does it again! He gets another solid victory over Poffo! Milliman attempts a cartwheel he’s so excited.

There once was was a man form Tennessee.
Turns out that that man was me.
I beat you again here tonight.
In a legitimate fight.
And that makes me the winner!

A huge cheer as Milliman finishes his poem. Poffo is to his feet and agains congratulates Milliman. He is not happy with himself.

BREAK – We see a retrospective on Bill Apter’s time in Golden State Wrestling. Clips from some of his best interviews are shown set to music and an ending graphic reads: Thank You Bill Apter.

One Man Gang d. Terry Gordy via pinfall with the 747 SPLASH – **
– Gordy was in control the entire match but a quick reversal by Gang gets him the win.

Hillbilly Jim leads his lumberjacks to the ring for our next match. Cousin Luke, Koko B. Ware, and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Booby Heenan leads “Ravishing Rick Rude to the ring with their lumberjacks, Mr. Perfect, King Kong Bundy and King Harley Race. There is tension across the ring as these men stare at each other.

Ravishing Rick Rude d. Hillbilly Jim via pinfall after RUDE AWAKENING – ***
– Thought Hillbilly Jim got in some shots and did toss Rude outside to his lumberjacks a few times, Rude was able to hit his finisher and get the win. The Heenan Family stormed the ring to celebrate with Rude but Perfect went right across the ring and did a dive through the ropes and landed on top of Snuka! This started a brawl that security needed to break up!

COMMERCIAL – Golden State Wrestling’s Year 1 Almanac, coming in January! All the facts and figures you could possibly want from your favorite wrestling promotion Golden State Wrestling! Ordering info coming soon!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. DREAM TEAM via pinfall when Bobby Eaton hits Greg Valentine with the Alabama Jam – **
– Excellent use of quick tags by Lane and Eaton kept their opponents off balance and gave them the win. They worked as a solid unit here and seemly got some revenge against the DREAM TEAM for putting Eaton out of action.

CORNETTE: That puts the nail in the coffin of Beefcake and Valentine! Now, POWERS OF PAIN, we’re looking at you!

COMMERCIAL – A commercial is show for THE ROOKIE BRAWL. Always the first event of the new year where Golden State Wrestling officials can evaluate new talent. Video clips of some of the rookies are shown. The action begins on CARD 91!

Back in the arena, Captain Lou Albano leads George “The Animal” Steele ringside where The Spoiler awaits with the dog collar! Albano has a hard time getting The Animal to keep Steele still to put on the dog collar.

The Spoiler d. George “The Animal” Steele via pinfall with a top rope walk smash with the chain – ***
– Dominant victory. Steele was busted open at the bell and Albano rushed him backstage to be tended too.

THE SPOILER: I’m here to put the Golden State Wrestling on notice. The Spoiler is here and what I just did to that animal, I’m gonna do to everyone here that gets in my way.

THE BOLSHEVIKS d. POWERS OF PAIN via pinfall when Volkoff hits Barbarian with a BACKBREAKER DROP – *
– Volkoff had his feet on the ropes! Fuji argued with the ref after the bell but the decision stands. Warlord and Barbarian went after the champs, but they bailed with Blassie. POWERS OF PAIN were not happy.

Andre the Giant d. The Iron Sheik via DQ when THE BOLSHEVIKS storm the ring to break up a pinfall. – *
– The Iron Sheik gave Andre his biggest challenge to date, busting him open with several kicks with a seemingly Loaded Boot! Andre was seconds away from winning when Volkoff and Zhukov charged into the ring and began a beatdown! They held Andre to the mat as The Iron Sheik repeatedly kicked him in the leg with that loaded boot!

Suddenly POWERS OF PAIN appeared at ringside and tore into the ring scaring THE BOLSHEVIKS and The Iron Sheik off so medics could attend to Andre. The fans cheered loudly for Warlord and Barbarian who stood on guard around Andre.

After a few minutes Andre was able to get to his feet but he couldn’t put any weight on his left leg. The POWERS OF PAIN saw Andre to the back with the medics as the credits began to roll and Year 4 came to a close.

Goodnight, fans!