Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

Three intimidating men wearing cowboy hats stalk to ringside as the show opens. The three men grimace at the crowd who is unsure how to react. The tallest and meanest looking of the three of them, grabs a mic.

MULLIGAN: What you’re looking at here, city slickers, is three of the meanest, nastiest and toughest sons of bitches that ever rode out of the Headlock Ranch. I’m Blackjack Mulligan and this is my boy Barry Windham and this here is Sam Houston. We are The Outlaws. And we’ve come to Golden State Wrestling for one reason and one reason only. Domination. Every tag team on the roster better listen up and recognize, that when you step into the ring with The Outlaws you’re fighting us under The Outlaw Rule. That means when you sign a match against us, you never know which two of us will be in the ring with you and we ain’t gonna tell until right before the bell rings. So put your names on the dotted line and prepare to get the ass kickin’ of your life. Now it looks like we have two calves in the ring right now who are in need of some neutering!

The crowd boos loudly THE OUTLAWS climb into the ring or our opening match.

THE OUTLAWS (Houston & Mulligan) d. Jim Milliman and Kenny Jay via countout when Sam Houston piledrives Milliman onto the studio floor and he’s unable to get back in the ring – DUD
– After the bell the three OUTLAWS begin stomping on Milliman and Jay until security rushes out to break it up. THE OUTLAWS have definitely made a statement here tonight.

Fabulous Moolah and Leilani Kai made their way ringside for a tag team match signed by Commissioner Patrick. Jimmy Hart accompanied them to the ring but Moolah made it clear that Hart was solely managing Kai, not her.

Their opponents, Sensational Sherri and Rocking’ Robin hit the ring hot and the ref called for the bell.

Fabulous Moolah & Leilani Kai d. Sensational Sherri & Rockin’ Robin via pinfall when Kai covers Sherri after the RUNNING SPLASH – *
– Fantastic match between these four women! So many near falls and some of the best technical wrestling we’ve seen in a while. Moolah’s side comes out on top. Kai gets the pin but Moolah is taking the credit! This victory probably does not extinguish the bad blood between Moolah and Sherri though.

Captain Lou Albano heads to the ring with a brand new tag team, THE BRITISH BULLDOGS. With Albano leading the charge, the fans are instantly behind them.

THE BRITISH BULLDOGS d. Mister X & George South via pinfall when Dynamite Kid hits Mister X with a DIVING HEADBUTT – *
– Solid debut by Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid who are new fan favorites after this preliminary display for their lighting quick offense.


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Back from commercial, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan stands in the ring shrugging off the chants of ‘Weasel!’

HEENAN: You know, Golden State Wrestling calls this event the Rookie Brawl. The gentleman I’m about to introduce to you is anything but a rookie. This man has won championships and accolades the world over and after many months of legal wrangling, he’s singed on the dotted line to become the newest member of The Heenan Family! I want all you humanoids to get up on your feet and show the proper respect for future Golden State Wrestling Champion‚ĶTully Blanchard!

Blanchard smirks as he walks to the ring, ignoring the jeers of the crowds. Those jeers quickly turn to cheers as Hillbilly Jim heads to ring to face Blanchard!

Hillbilly Jim d. Tully Blanchard via DQ when the ref caught Blanchard using a foreign object on Hillbilly Jim while outside the ring – ***
– Hillbilly Jim was getting the better of Tully Blanchard when Blanchard resorted to underhanded tactics to try and turn the tide and the ref caught him. Blanchard left with Heenan immediately after the bell.

THE POWERS OF PAIN headed to the ring with Mr. Fuji and the crowd was on their feet! This match was made by Commissioner Patrick after the events of LAST NIGHT! Their opponents, WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, THE BOLSHEVIKS! Classy Freddie Blassie leads them to the ring. Blassie makes it very clear that this is a non-title match and then asks everyone to rise for the Russian National Anthem. THE POWERS OF PAIN cut the anthem short by attacking THE BOLSHEVIKS! The ref calls for the bell!

POWERS OF PAIN d. THE BOLSHEVIKS via DQ when Blassie tosses his cane in to Zhukov and he smashes Warlord with it – **
– A brawl ensues after the bell! All four men battling! Suddenly, The Iron Sheik rushes the ring to join the fray! Andre is out next and the studio audience is going crazy! All six men tear into each other as the credits begin to roll.

Goodnight, fans!