Live from Golden State Wrestling Studios, Burbank, CA!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. Jim Milliman & Kenny Jay via pinfall when Eaton cover Milliman after the VEG-O-MATIC – SQUASH
– The bell hadn’t stopped reverberating when the ref made his three count. Bobby Eaton flattened Jim Milliman in seconds!

CORNETTE: POWERS OF PAIN! While you’re having fun going after the Russians, keep in the back of your mind that the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is waiting in the wings! We haven’t forgotten about what you did at the CALIFORNIA CLASSIC and I promise you, when the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is done with you, you won’t forget it either!

The Rock Don Muraco d. Mister X via pinfall after the HAWAIIAN HAMMER – SQUASH
– Muraco wastes no time in squashing Mister X.

KILLER BEES d. DREAM TEAM via submission when B. Brian Blair slaps the SLEEPER on Brutus Beefcake – **
– Brunzell and Blair use lighting quick tags to keep Valentine and Beefcake off kilter and pick up a big win.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage d. George South via pinfall with the FLYING ELBOW DROP – SQUASH
– Savage looking good in his second appearance and he finishes off South with a devastating elbow drop.

Rowdy Roddy Piper & Cowboy Bob Orton d. THE BRITISH BULLDOGS via DQ when Dynamite Kid hits the ref while making a pin save – **
– THE BRITISH BULLDOGS dominated the match at the start but Orton was able to make the tag and Piper came in and began to get the upper hand on Davey Boy Smith! Piper locked Smith in the Sleeper and it looked like he was seconds away from victory. Dynamite Kid charged the ring to make the save and in the process he hit the ref accidentally and the ref called the match. Dynamite Kid and Lou Albano were disappointed.

PIPER: I all you what, punk. I’m a wrestler. You are not. You don’t deserve to be in the ring with us if you’re going to manhandle the ref like that!

Dynamite Kid charged Piper who bailed and left ringside with Orton.

Guest: Adrian Adonis with manager, Jimmy Hart.
Solie begins by asking Adonis what his plans are in Golden State Wrestling.

JIMMY HART: I’ll tell you Solie, announcing your plans is a great way to hear God laugh, so The Hart Family keeps our cards close to our vest. But what you’re looking at here in Adrian Adonis baby, is the toughest wrestler Golden State Wrestling has seen in year.

ADRIAN ADONIS: That’s right Jimmy. I eat nails for breakfast and come back for seconds and anyone who steps into the ring with me is gonna get hit harder than they’ve ever been hit in their entire life!

Suddenly, Hacksaw Jim Duggan appeared, waving his 2×4 around and riling up the crowd.

JIM DUGGAN: Listen up, Adonis! I’m Golden State Wrestling’s resident tough guy, tough guy! So until you step into the ring with me you ain’t nothing!

ADRIAN ADONIS: Duggan, you can call me your fairy godmother, because your wish is granted! Next show, you and me one on one!

The crowd goes nuts as Adonis and Duggan jaw at each other as Solie throws to commercial.


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The Spoiler d. George “The Animal” Steele via pinfall after a cross body block from the top rope – **
– The Spoiler handles Steele easily and puts him away in minutes. After the bell, The Spoiler hopped out of the ring and came over to Gordon Solie in the interview area.

THE SPOILER: Was that dominant enough for you, Solie? Did that meet your approval? Maybe I should show you how dominant I can be!

The Spoiler grabs Solie by the lapels and suddenly, Randy Savage is out and shoves The Spoiler, making him let go of Solie. Spoiler gets in Savage’s face and the two have words as the credits start to roll.

We are out of time. Goodnight, fans!