Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The show opens backstage with Rowdy Roddy Piper and Cowboy Bob Orton.

RODDY PIPER: BULLDOGS! You have bitten off more than you can absolutely chew and tonight, in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH, Ace and I are going to send you across that Rainbow Bridge!

We cut to the locker room of THE BRITISH BULLDOGS. The BULLDOGS stand behind Albano and stare straight at the camera.

CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO: Piper! Orton! Accusing Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith of being rule breakers was the biggest mistake you could have made! Now you got them in a match where there’s no rules! You’re gonna see what happens when they don’t follow the rules!

We cut to the ring for our opening match.

BUSHWHACKERS d. Jim Milliman & Kenny Jay via pinfall when Butch covered Kenny Jay after the RUNNING KNEE SMASH – *
– Luke and Butch bulldoze Milliman and Jay who had no idea how to handle the BUSHWHACKERS.

As Luke and Butch prepared to be interviewed after the match, THE OUTLAWS attacked them from behind. Mulligan, Houston and Windham leveled the fan favorites and began beating them mercifully!

A number of wrestlers rushed from the back to chase off THE OUTLAWS and help THE BUSHWHACKERS to their feet. They didn’t seem to be injured at all but were fighting mad and tore off to the back to try and find the men who just attacked them!

Terry Gordy d. George South via pinfall after brutal STOMP TO THE FACE – *
– Gordy appearing to be a little more focused and determined under the tutelage of Sir Oliver Humperdink.

Leilani Kai d. Rockin’ Robin via submission with a Boston Crab – **
– Decent back and forth. Kai get a solid victory, making Robin submit.

JIMMY HART: Lelani Kai is the crown jewel of women’s wrestling and the crown jewel of the Hart Family!

King Kong Bundy d. Mister X via pin after the AVALANCHE – SQUASH
– Bundy wastes no time in leveling Mister X and scoring the victory.

HEENAN: You are looking at the best big man in Golden State Wrestling.

BUNDY: That’s right! I’m putting all the other big men on notice and I’m going to start with you One Man Gang! You will feel the AVALANCHE!

Nikolai Volkoff d. The Barbarian via DQ when Barbarian smashes Volkoff with Fuji’s cane – **
– These two started brawling before the bell and when the action tumbled outside, Fuji handed Barbarian his cane and Barbarian took a good whack at Volkoff and got himself disqualified! The two continued to brawl after until their respective partners came out and helped security break it up.

Guest: Mr. Perfect with manager, Bobby Heenan.
Mr. Perfect came out with a challenge to Jimmy Snuka.

PERFECT: Snuka, I don’t like you and I know you don’t like me. Now, we could go back and forth with match after match until the fans at home get bored. Or we could make each of those matches count! Here’s what I’m proposing, a series of matches. A Best of Seven series. Each one with a different mutually agreed upon stipulation. And whichever one of us wins the series…wins. And the loser is gone from GSW. For…good!

The crowd is shocked at this proposal.

PERFECT: Think it over Snuka, and prepare to pack your bags because in this series, I’m going to be…PERFECT!


We get another commercial for the big fundraiser show at Burlingame High School in Burlingame, CA. Commission Patrick reiterates that the event will not be televised and the only way to experience it is in person! He also teases a HUGE announcement that fans at the event will hear first! Come and meet the stars of GSW and see some superstar wrestling for a great cause!

THE BRITISH BULLDOGS d. Rowdy Roddy Piper & Cowboy Bob Orton via pinfall when Davey Boy Smith covered Rowdy Roddy Piper after TOWER OF LONDON – ***
– This was a brutal match but Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith dominated! Piper and Orton were completely overwhelmed with the BULLDOG’s style!

The BULLDOGS stand over the bloody bodies of Orton and Piper and Captain Lou charges into the ring to the cheers of the fans! The credits roll.

Goodnight, fans!