Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The show begins with a clip showing the confrontation from CARD #094 between The Spoiler and Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Gordon Solie informs us that the two will meet in the MAIN EVENT tonight!

Sherri Martel d. Judy Martin via DQ when Judy Martin smashes Martel with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone – *
– Early on the action spilled outside the ring and Judy Martin grabbed Jimmy Hart’s megaphone and smashed Martel with it drawing an immediate disqualification.

Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase d. George South via submission with the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM – SQUASH
– George South had a flurry of offense at the start that momentarily stunned DiBiase but he fought back quickly and got the win.

THE OUTLAWS (Mulligan & Windham) d. Mister X & Jim Milliman via pin when Windham covered Mister X after the SWEETWATER SUPLEX – SQUASH
– We get our first look at Barry Windham in the ring and what a dominating display! After the bell, THE OUTLAWS throw Mister X and Jim Milliman out of the ring and jaw at the crowd.

Suddenly, Butch and Luke rush the ring and begin battling ThE OUTLAWS! The fans are going nuts as all 5 men brawl! Several wrestlers rush from the back to separate the men as we crash to commercial.


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Leaping Lanny Poffo is in the ring and is prepared to read a poem.

Tonight I square of Ravishing Rick Rude
He’s big and strong and tough.
He likes to flex, and pose and preen
And show off that he’s pretty buff.

But when you have to many muscles it seems,
They can all go to your head.
Sure you’re strong but not very quick
All your movements seem like lead.

So watch close, fans and pay attention,
And when the bell rings you’ll know.
The Ravishing one will go down in flames
And your winner will be Lanny Poffo!

Rick Rude hits the ring and immediately starts beating on Poffo, not taking kindly to the poem and the bell rings officially.

Ravishing Rick Rude d. Leaping Lanny Poffo via pinfall after RUDE AWAKENING – **
– Poffo gives Rude a decent challenge but Rude is able to put Poffo away.

HEENAN: Next time keep your dumb poems to yourself!

The Warlord d. Boris Zhukov via pinfall after a leg drop – ****
– These two tore into each other with a vengeance! Both had long stretches of control but in the end, Warlord was able to overpower Zhukov and get the victory!

After the bell, Gordon Solie informs the crowd that the first match signed for CARD #100 – STARRCADE is a WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match between THE BOLSHEVIKS and POWERS OF PAIN and it’l be in a STEEL CAGE! The fans cheer wildly for this announcement!

with guest Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Piper immediately grilled Snuka about whether or not he’d accept the challenge Mr. Perfect laid out for a BEST OF SEVEN series of special stipulation matches with the overall stipulation that the loser will be banned from Golden State Wrestling forever!

SNUKA: I’ve spent my whole career putting everything on the line in the ring, brother. And now, Perfect is asking me to put my entire career on the line. I have everything to loose. But if I win… If I win, brother, Golden State Wrestling has everything to gain because Mr. Perfect will be gone forever.

Snuka looks directly into the camera.

SNUKA: Perfect, pack your bags because I’m going to rid GSW of you once and for all!

The fans go nuts! This will certainly make the weeks ahead interesting! Snuka waves to the crowd as the commercial rolls.


Commissioner Patrick plugs the upcoming fundraising event at Burlingame High School in Burlingame, CA. He emphasizes that this event will NOT be televised and the only way to see it is to be there! He runs down some of the superstars who will be there and announces that he’s just signed the main event! THE OUTLAWS versus THE BUSHWHACKERS! As he wraps up he again hints at a big announcement he’ll be making at the event! Don’t miss this fans!

Randy “Macho Man” Savage d. The Spoiler via pinfall after the FLYING ELBOW DROP – **
– Savage blindsided The Spoiler with a lighting quick offense! The fans loved every second of it!

After the bell, The Spoiler is outraged, and Savage rushes from the ring into the stands with the crowd! Savage and The Spoiler yell at each other as the credits start to roll.

Goodnight, fans!