098 – Burlingame High School Fundraiser

From Burlingame High School Gym, Burlingame, CA!

This LIVE EVENT was not televised.

Before the matches, fans were able to grab photos with Koko B. Ware, Cousin Luke and THE BUSHWHACKERS.

One Man Gang d. Koko B. Ware via pinfall after a 747 SPLASH – *
– One Man Gang dominated this match, not letting Koko B. Ware get in any offense.

After the match, One Man Gang had some words for King Kong Bundy and challenged him to a Body Slam Challenge match at STARRCADE! First wrestler to lift the other off his feet and slam him wins!

Terry Gordy d. Cousin Luke via pinfall with a PILEDRIVER – SQUASH
– Absolute squash match. Terry Gordy just obliterates Cousin Luke.

The ring crew brings a table into the ring. There’s something on the table but it is covered by a black cloth. Commissioner Patrick climbs into the ring and thanks fans for coming out tonight and supporting Burlingame High School. He acknowledged the tremendous growth of Golden State Wrestling and announced that as GSW embarks on Year 5, it’s time to introduce a new title! He then unveiled the new GSW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP belt! A tournament for the title will begin on CARD #101 after STARRCADE. Huge news here!

THE OUTLAWS (Mulligan & Houston) d. THE BUSHWHACKERS via DQ when Bushwhacker Luke smashes Blackjack Mulligan with a chair – ****
– The action was barely in the ring at all during this match! The action even spilled into the crowd! The ref tried desperately to maintain control but had to call the match when Luke used a chair! Security had to be called out after the bell to break these teams up!

A wild end to a great night of action!

Goodnight, fans!