Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The show opens with The Spoiler at the interview desk. He’s got the Dog Collar he used against George Steele with him and slams it down on the desk.

THE SPOILER: Savage! You may have won the first of our battles but I’m looking to finish it! You think you’re quite the bird flapping all around off the ropes. Well I know the ropes too and son, I’m going to ground you and then ground you into pulp! Be a man Savage. Meet me at STARRCADE and put this collar around your neck! We’ll see who best man is then!

Magnificent Muraco d. S.D. Jones via pinfall after the HAWAIIAN HAMMER – ***
– Good back and forth with Muraco getting the upper hand.

As Muraco was getting his hand raised, Koko B. Ware came to ringside and got in Mr. Fuji’s face! He grabbed Fuji by the tapes and was shaking him. Muraco saw and hopped out of the ring and shoved Ware off Fuji!

Koko B. Ware was shouting that Fuji was behind the attack on FLYIN’ HIGH before the CALIFORNIA CUP. Fuji was denying it but Ware was instant and lunged at Fuji again! Muraco tackled Ware and the two began brawling wildly until other wrestlers came out to break it up.

Fabulous Moolah d. Rockin’ Robin via pinfall with the JACKKNIFE CRADLE – *
– Rockin’ Robin was in control most of the match. Out of nowhere, Moolah hits her finisher and gets the victory.

MOOLAH: Sherri! It’s time to stop beating around the bush. Let’s finally step into the ring, one on one, at STARRCADE, so I can finally show the world who who superior women’s wrestler in Golden State Wrestling is.

George South & Mister X d. DREAM TEAM via DQ when Greg Valentine smashes George South with a steel chair at ringside – *
– George South and Mister X were flummoxing Valentine and Beefcake, wrestling better than they ever have. Frustrated, Valentine took it out on South with a steel chair.

Right before our next match we learn that, after what we saw earlier in the evening, Magnificent Muraco will fight Koko B. Ware at STARRCADE. Also announced is Adrian Adonis taking on Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a rematch from their fight on CARD #095 and Randy Savage has accepted The Spoiler’s challenge for a DOG COLLAR MATCH.

George “The Animal” Steele d. Jim Milliman via submission with the FLYING HAMMERLOCK – SQUASH
– Steele wastes no time in making Milliman tap out.

Andre the Giant d. Kenny Jay via pinfall after a BIG SPLASH – SQUASH
– Kenny Jay didn’t stand a chance.

Andre climbed out of the ring and over to the interview area where WORLD CHAMPION The Iron Sheik and Classy Freddy Blassie were desk with Gordon Solie. Commissioner Patrick brought out the contract for the MAIN EVENT at STARRCADE, the much anticipated rematch between WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION The Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant. The signing was tense but did not come to blows. After the contract was certifies, Blassie and Sheik tried to egg Andre on.

ANDRE: I’ll see you at STARRCADE.

The Giant leaves to the cheers of the crowd as Sheik stands fuming.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. KILLER BEES via pinfall when Stan Lane covered Jim Brunzell after GRAVEDIGGER – *
– Lane and Eaton make short work of Brunzell and Blair.

JIM CORNETTE: You know we just swatted these Bees, I think it’s time we put down some mutts! Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, you think you’re the hot new tag team but I’ll tell you, you are nobodies until you step into the ring with the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS! We’re about to give you a golden opportunity at STARRCADE, that is if your pea brained manager Albano is smart enough to accept the offer.

The fans jeer Cornette and the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS as the credits start to roll!

We’ll see you at STARRCADE!

Goodnight, fans!