Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

Ted DiBiase d. Cousin Luke via submission with the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM – **
– Luke gives DiBiase a bit of trouble but the veteran is able to pick up the win.

Mr. Perfect d. Kenny Jay via pinfall with the PERFECT PLEX – *
– Perfect toyed with Kenny Jay before putting him away.

MR. PERFECT: Snuka! You won our first encounter but there is a long road ahead of us and I promise you, when we reach the end of the road, you’ll be packing your bags to leave GSW for good!

BRITISH BULLDOGS d. George South & Mister X via pinfall when Dynamite Kid covered George South after a DIVING HEAD BUTT – *
– Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid continue their dominating streak.

CAPTAIN ALBANO: Cornette! MIDNIGHT EXPRESS! Anytime, anywhere! We’re ready to beat you again and again!

The fans love this!

PROMO – 103 – WRESTLING SUPERSTARS – On the next episode of WRESTLING SUPERSTARS, you’ll see in action: Fabulous Moolah, Rowdy Roddy Piper, THE QUEBECERS, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and in the MAIN EVENT, the GSW TELEVISION TITLE TOURNAMENT continues as One Man Gang takes on newcomer Adrian Adonis in another first round match! Don’t mis WRESTLING SUPERSTARS airing next Saturday morning on this same station!

THE BUSHWHACKERS d. THE BOLSHEVIKS when Nikolai Volkoff gets DQ’d after smashing Bushwhacker Butch with a chair – *
– THE BOLSHEVIKS are in a foul mood after losing the titles and are taking it out on THE BUSHWHACKERS.

Andre the Giant d. Jim Milliman via countout – *
– After an initial lockup and shove, Milliman just refuses to wrestle Andre and leaves the ring resulting in a countout victory for Andre!

Guest: Andre the Giant

Solie asks Andre his thoughts on WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION The Iron Sheik.

ANDRE: He’s a World Champion who can’t win a match. He has only had one title defense since becoming champion. All the others, against me, he has lost. By disqualification. He knows he cannot beat me.

This brought out the The Iron Sheik!

IRON SHEIK: I can beat you any time!

GORDON SOLIE: With all due respect, Sheik, it seems that every time you step into the ring with the giant here, your goons Volkoff and Zhukov get involved or Blassie gets involved. Are you able to beat Andre one on one?

IRON SHEIK: The Sheik is the most superior athlete in wrestling. I can beat anyone.

ANDRE THE GIANT: Could you beat me in a steel cage?

The fans are going crazy. The Iron Sheik is stalling.

GORDON SOLIE: Well, Sheik, there is the challenge. You and Andre in a Steel Cage for the title!

The Iron Sheik is stalling like crazy. He apparently does not want to answer.

IRON SHEIK: The Iron Sheik can beat you in a cage, out of a cage and in the street! I will put the title on the line in a cage against you but once I win, you cannot challenge me again for the title!

GORDON SOLIE: There you have it Andre, what do you say.

ADREN THE GIANT: Sheik, I am going to take everything from you.

The fans are berserk at this point. Sheik gets in Andre’s face and THE BOLSHEVIKS rush out to pull him back. Andre just smirks down at him as we crash to commercial.

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Tully Blanchard d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via pinfall after a piledriver – *
– These two were pretty evenly matched with Duggan having a slight edge. A piledriver out of nowhere seals the deal for Blanchard who will advance in the tournament.

BOBBY HEENAN: You’re looking at the man who is going to be the first, and longest reigning, GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING TELEVISION CHAMPION!

The crowd does not agree as the credits start to roll.

Goodnight, fans!