Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The show’s opening titles cut to the ring to see a newcomer standing in the middle of it. Nacho Barrera.

BARRERA: My name is Nacho Barrera and I’ve come to Golden State Wrestling to dominate the competition here! So send anyone out and let me face them!

After a moment, bagpipes fill the studios as Rowdy Roddy Piper stalks to the ring with Cowboy Bob Orton accompanying him. Nacho looks confident as Piper climbs into the ring.

Rowdy Roddy Piper d. Nacho Barrera via pinfall after smashing Barrera with a FOREIGN OBJECT – *
– Nacho started with a blistering offense knocking Piper off guard. But Piper soon rebounded and took control. He did, though, use a Foreign Object to finish things off. What a debut for Nacho Barrera!

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. Kenny Jay via pinfall after the SUPERFLY LEAP – SQUASH

SNUKA: We are now tied, one to one in our battle. I promise you that I will win the next match and I want to be sure that the rest of your Heenan Family members see it up close and personal. That’s why I’m proposing our next encounter is a Lumberjack Match!

The fans are all for this as the fight between Snuka and Mr. Perfect continues.

BRITISH BULLDOGS d. George South & Mister X via pinfall when Davey Boy Smith covered George South after TOWER OF LONDON – SQUASH
– Another solid victory for the BULLDOGS.

ALBANO: Cornette, you get Lane and Eaton ready! The BULLDOGS are coming for you to shut you up once and for all.

King Kong Bundy d. Jim Milliman via pinfall after an especially brutal body slam – SQUASH

BUNDY: Hey! Terry Gordy! I’ve gotten real sick of you coming out here week after week, bitchin’ about how you ain’t won a title yet. If you don’t knock it off, I’m gonna shut you up myself.

KILLER BEES d. THE QUEBECERS via pinfall when B. Brian Blair covered Pierre Carl Oullett after a double back drop – *
– KILLER BEES pick up a quick win, shocking THE QUEBECERS! After the bell, the four men continue to brawl until wrestlers spill out of the back to break them up.

with guest: Andre the Giant

Piper, usually, antagonistic to Andre, asked him about his upcoming Steel Cage encounter with HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Iron Sheik.

Andre looked into the camera.

ANDRE: Sheik, for months you’ve been running. Running scared. When you step into that cage…no more running. You will have to face The Giant once and for all.


Golden State Wrestling sends anniversary wishes out to Greg & Christy Templin of Millbrae, California, on their 45th wedding anniversary. From everyone at Golden State Wrestling, we hope your day was a magical one. GSW loves celebrating wedding anniversaries so if you’l like special recognition, send information to Golden State Wrestling, c/o Saturday Morning Media, PO Box 2764 Toluca Lake, CA 91610. Fans, that’s also where you can write to your favorite wrestler! Golden State Wrestling, c/o Saturday Morning Media, PO Box 2764 Toluca Lake, CA 91610! And now back to the show!

Tully Blanchard d. “Cowboy” Bob Orton via pinfall after a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX – ***
– Blanchard advances.

BOBBY HEENAN: You are looking at the the man who will be the first TELEVISION CHAMPION. Mr. Tully Blanchard.

The fans let Heenan have it. There is no love for Blanchard who has injured Hillbilly Jim twice. Bobby Heenan yells back at the studio audience as the credits roll.

Goodnight, fans!