Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

Rockin’ Robin d. Leilani Kai via DQ when Judy Martin joined in beating on Rockin’ Robin while outside the ring – *
– Rocking Robin never stood a chance. She had to fend off Jimmy Hart and then Judy Martin in addition to Leilani Kai! After a ton of interference, mercifully, the ref calls the match.

Terry Gordy d. Nacho Barrera via pinfall after a POWER BOMB – *
– Nacho Barrera gave Gordy nothing but trouble! Reversing every move and almost beating him several times. Terry Gordy struggled the entire match but was finally able to put Nacho away.

HUMPERDINK: Gordy, you are a decent enough guy but you just don’t have the fire for the House of Humperdink. This should have been an easy win. I’m releasing you from your contract. Best of luck to you!

Gordy left the ringside area visibly depressed.

THE OUTLAWS (Mulligan & Windham) d. Mister X & George South via pinfall when Barry Windham hits George South with the SWEETWATER SUPLEX – SQUASH
– This was over in seconds. Incredibly dominant victory.

MULLIGAN: Let me say this slowly so everyone can hear it. WE. ARE. UNDEFEATED. There is no reason on God’s green earth that we shouldn’t be signing our contracts for a title shot. So we’re talking to you Commissioner, make the match.

Cousin Luke d. One Man Gang via DQ when One Man Gang slams Cousin Luke on the arena floor – ***
– This was just not the night for Oliver Humperdink and Cousin Luke just dominates One Man Gang, frustrating him at every single turn. When the action spilled outside the ring, One Man Gang, resorted to rule breaking and got himself DQ’d. Humperdink was incredibly frustrated with how Cousin Luke manhandled his man.

THE BUSHWHACKERS d. Kenny Jay and Jim Milliman when Butch flattened Milliman with the RUNNING KNEE SMASH seconds after the bell – SQUASH
– Milliman had no idea what hit him! THE BUSHWHACKERS came to prove a point. The fans loved every second of it.

BUTCH: Recently, THE BUSHWHACKERS haven’t been doing to hot, right Luke?

LUKE: That’s right Butch but we’re back on track and we’re ready to prove ourselves!

BUTCH: And we want to prove ourselves against a tough team so DREAM TEAM, we’re looking at you!

LUKE: Beefcake! Valentine! Name the time and place and the BUTCH and I will be there!



Solie congratulated Andre on his historic win and then asked Andre his thoughts on Randy Savage challenging him for the title.

ANDRE: Randy Savage. Your success here in GSW is impressive. To wrestler so much and be undefeated takes skill, talent, and tremendous ability. I welcome your challenge and will gladly defend the title against you.

The crowd loves this and everyone is looking forward to Andre’s first defense against Randy Savage.

King Kong Bundy d. Magnificent Muraco via pinfall with a devastating bodyslam – **
– Despite Mr. Fuji’s interference, Magnificent Muraco was unable to withstand two AVALANCHES followed by a powerful bodyslam! King Kong Bundy wins and now heads to the finals and a shot to become the first GSW TELEVISION CHAMPION.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan celebrates wildly as the credits begin to roll.

Goodnight, fans!