Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The studio is packed!

GORDON SOLIE: Tonight George “The Animal” Steele and The Spoiler step into the ring to determine the first ever GSW TELEVISION CHAMPION! But we have a big night of action before we get there so let’s head to the ring!

Leilani Kai d. Sherri Martel via DQ when Martel slams Kai on the studio floor – DUD
– A side of Martel we haven’t seen in a while as she ignores the ref and viciously slams Kai on the studio floor.

Tully Blanchard d. Jake Milliman via pinfall with the SLINGSHOT SUPLEX – SQUASH

HEENAN: You’ve just seen the most dominant athlete in the sport today. We aren’t fretting about the TELEVISION TITLE because Tully’s got his sights set on the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

The Spoiler is out next for a few words about tonight’s Main Event.

THE SPOILER: Solie, you know all too well that Steele and I have clashed before! But you also know that each time we have I’ve beaten him soundly. Steele, I don’t know if you can comprehend the words I’m saying but tonight you will comprehend pain and agony and I will become the first ever TELEVISION CHAMPION!

THE KILLER BEES d. Nacho Barrera and Kenny Jay via submission when B. Brian Blair locks Barrera in the SLEEPER – SQUASH
– KILLER BEES with a quick win here tonight, give high fives to the fans after the match.

Right at the opening bell of our next match, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan came to ringside and sat in the crowd, much to the chagrin of DiBiase and Virgil.

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase d. Cousin Luke via submission with the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM – **
– Duggan’s presence at ringside was an incredible distraction to DiBiase and Cousin Luke dominated most of the match and came close to winning multiple times. DiBiase was finally able to put Luke away. Duggan and DiBiase jawed at each other as we crashed to commercial.


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THE BUSHWHACKERS d. Mister X & George South via pinfall when Butch covered Mister X after a DOUBLE GUTBUSTER – SQUASH – The crowd behind THE BUSHWHACKERS who pick up a win here.

BUTCH: Beefcake! Valentine! You call yourselves the DREAM TEAM but you’re about to wake up in a Nightmare! Tell ’em Luke!

LUKE: THE BUSHWHACKERS are coming for you at the big event in Davis and when we’re done with ya, yer gonna know it!!

The crowd is behind THE BUSHWHACKERS 100%.

George ‘The Animal’ Steele is out with Captain Lou Albano for some words.

ALBANO: I tell you Gordon Solie, the fans here and around the world are tired of hearing The Spoiler talk about how tough he is. I’m tired of hearing him talk about it and I know you are too Gordon Solie! Know who is the most tired of it? George “The Animal” Steele! And tonight, he will shut The Spoiler up for good and win the Television Championship!

The fans are solely in Steele’s corner!


Cornette and the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS use their TV Time to run down the BRITISH BULLDOGS and remind the POWERS OF PAIN that they still want revenge for the CALIFORNIA CLASSIC!

The Spoiler d. George “The Animal” Steele via pinfall after a double underhook suplex to become the first ever GSW TELEVISION CHAMPION – ***
– The Spoiler dominated in this one. Steele had the upper hand only briefly and was soon at the mercy of his opponent.

After the bell, Commissioner Patrick awarded The Spoiler with the title and Gordon Solie asked him for some words.

THE SPOILER: When this whole tournament started I told you I’d be the one standing here when the dust settled with the title around my waist. You didn’t believe me then but maybe you’ll believe me now when I say, “I will be holding on to this belt for a very long time.” So get in line, step right up, if you’ve got the guts to get in the ring with THE SPOILER!

The crowd jeers The Spoiler Loudly as the credits start to roll.

Goodnight, fans!