Live from the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, Pico Rivera, CA!

Judy Martin & Leilani Kai d. Sherri Martel & Rockin’ Robin via pinfall when Judy Martin smashed Rockin’ Robin with a face first suplex – **
– Big win here for Judy Martin and Leilani Kai who are working well as a team.

JIMMY HART: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! These two are the best women wrestlers in Golden State Wrestling‚Ķperiod!

Terry Gordy d. King Kong Bundy via DQ when Bundy ignores the ref and slams Gordy into a ring post – ****
– Gordy had the upper hand when Heenan slipped Bundy a foreign object! Frustrated he couldn’t win, even after using the foreign object, Bundy shoved the ref and slammed Gordy into the ring post losing the match. Dick Woehrle was the official.

Adrian Adonis d. One Man Gang via pinfall after a perfect, and impressive, cross body block – ***
– Super strong showing by Adonis who deftly trounces One Man Gang, no doubt ending their feud.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. Ted DiBiase via pinfall after a FLYING SPEAR – ****
– Duggan fights off interference by Virgil during the match and goes on to get a big win against DiBiase! After laying out both DiBiase and Virgil after the match, Duggan teases stealing the briefcase of money but leaves it to the cheers of the crowd. James Beard was the official.

King Harley Race d. S.D. Jones via pinfall after the VERTICAL SUPLEX – ***
– S.D. Jones, who came to ring wearing his new ‘I DESERVE RESPECT’ t-shirt, attacked Harley Race during the opening announcements! Race soon got the upper hand and easily dispatched of Jones. The action never left the ring.

RACE: Respect is earned, not given. And the King does not respect you!

THE DREAM TEAM d. THE BUSHWHACKERS via DQ when Butch Miller refuses to bring the action back into the ring while brawling outside – ***
– After the bell, all four men continued to brawl until finally separated. Joey Marella was the official.

Mr. Perfect d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka via escape after knocking him out with a sleeper – ***
– The fans are not happy as Perfect only takes seconds to put Snuka away in this one. Mr. Perfect is now just one match away from winning this series and banishing Jimmy Snuka forever!

THE OUTLAWS (Mulligan & Houston) w/Barry Windham d. THE POWERS OF PAIN via submission when Blackjack Mulligan forced Warlord to submit to the BLACKJACK CLAW – ***
– THE OUTLAWS do it! They fight a heck of a match to remain undefeated and become the NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! In the final moments, Mr. Fuji jumped up on to the apron to interfere but accidentally shoved Warlord directly into the waiting claw of Mulligan!

After the bell, as THE OUTLAWS were awarded the titles, THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS rushed the ring and started beating on the POWERS OF PAIN! Security was called to restore order.

Andre the Giant & Randy “Macho Man” Savage d. The Iron Sheik and The Great Gama via DQ when the action tumbles ringside and Gama smashes Andre with his mace – ***
– Great match that had the fans on their feet! Gama is impressive in the ring and took the fight to Andre but it’s hard to fell a giant! After the bell, called by official Joey Marella, all four men continued to brawl in the center of the ring until security was able to separate them!

Goodnight, fans!