Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The show opens with our first match already in progress! Fabulous Moolah vs. Princess Victoria!

Fabulous Moolah d. Princess Victoria via DQ when Victoria slams Moolah into the announce table at ringside – **
– Princess Victoria took the fight to Moolah who thought this match would be a cakewalk.

PRINCESS VICTORIA: Moolah, for far too long you’ve seen yourself as the queen of Golden State Wrestling! Well, this Princess says those days are over!

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE OUTLAWS make their way to the ring. Blackjack Mulligan and Sam Houston carry the title as Barry Windham leads the way.

BLACKJACK MULLIGAN: Un-de-feated! We are undefeated and we are your WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

BARRY WINDHAM: That’s right and winning these titles has had a very negative effect on us. It has given us the taste for more gold!

BLACKJACK MULLIGAN: Being undefeated and the champions, we’ve used our influence to get a our MVP here, Sam Houston, a TELEVISION TITLE SHOT tonight against The Spoiler.

SAM HOUSTON: Spoiler! I know you just won that belt but you’d better get ready to kiss it goodbye! Tonight I’m bringing that belt back to the Headlock Ranch!

BARRY WINDHAM: THE OUTLAWS are riding roughshod through Golden State Wrestling and by the end of the show, you’ll learn that you get the hell out of our way or you get the hell beat out of you.

THE BOLSHEVIKS d. Nacho Barrera & Mister X via pinfall when Boris Zhukov covered Nacho Barrera after a knee drop – *
– Nacho Barrera gave Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov the runaround but eventually they got the upper hand and got the win.


WRESTLEMANIA is coming! Get your tickets for the biggest event in wrestling! Matches will be announced soon and you won’t want to miss it!

Back from commercial we find Hillbilly Jim in the ring waving to fans! Cousin Luke is at ringside for our next match.

Hillbilly Jim d. George South via submission with the BEAR HUG – *
– After some initial offense by South, Hillbilly Jim is able make his opponent submit to the BEAR HUG.

HILLBILLY JIM: You know Hillbilly Jim’s been on the losing end of things as of late, especially going up against that no good Tully Blanchard. But I’ll tell you, Hillbilly Jim is back and ready for a fight.

THE BRITISH BULLDOGS d. THE QUEBECERS via countout when Pierre Carl Oullett refuses to return to the ring after chasing Captain Lou Albano around after Albano broke up a pinfall – ***
– THE QUEBECERS were seconds away from winning when Albano interfered.

JIMMY HART: You know baby, ever since THE BULLDOGS have arrived they’ve done nothing but bend the rules and it’s because of that no good Albano! Well THE QUEBECERS are sick of it and Albano you’re gong to get yours!

PIERRE CARL OULLETT: BULLDOGS BRITANNIQUES, montrez votre courage et montez sur le ring avec nous à WRESTLEMANIA ! Et amenez ce sale manager avec vous pour qu’on puisse le battre aussi!

THE QUEBECERS laugh and leave ringside. Did they just challenge THE BRITISH BULLDOGS to a match at WRESTLEMANIA?

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase d. Jim Milliman via pinfall after a backbreaker – *
– DiBiase had a rough time in this match as the crowd was chanting for “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. DiBiase was so distracted, Milliman got a near fall at one point.

TED DIBIASE: Duggan, you may have all these morons behind you but that’s because all you broke losers stick together. It’s not over between us and when it’s all said and done, you’re going to pay for the embarrassment you’ve caused me.

Guests: THE POWERS OF PAIN and Mr. Fuji

MR. FUJI: MIDNIGHT EXPRESS! For weeks you have been challenging THE POWERS OF PAIN, trying to get our attention. You now have it. We look forward to decimating you once again.


Back from commercial, the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE OUTLAWS are in the ring. Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham are there to support Sam Houston will be the first challenger to the TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

Sam Houston and Blackjack Mulligan carry the WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE belts during the introduction and Houston hands his to Windham as the match is about to begin.

The Spoiler d. Sam Houston via submission with the BIONIC CLAW – ***
– Strong first defense by The Spoiler as he fights off interference by Mulligan to retain his title.

Mulligan and Windham climb into the ring to help Houston to his feet and the moment he’s upright, Mulligan smashes him with a hug lariat! Windham begins kicking Houston in the ribs as Mulligan berates him!

Security rushes the ring but Houston is a crumbled, bloody mess. Mulligan and Windham leave ringside with the titles as the credits roll.

Goodnight, fans!