Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan kick off Golden State Wrestling’s new show by throwing things to Gordon Solie who announces that WRESTLEMANIA is right around the corner! The biggest event of the year will be taking place at the San Jose Arena and tickets are going fast. The MAIN EVENT will feature WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Andre the Giant defending the title against Randy “Macho Man” Savage!

HEENAN: I hope whomever wins that match realizes that The King Harley Race is waiting in the wings!

MONSOON: Race has to get past S.D. Jones first!

HEENAN: You don’t worry about S.D. Jones. Harley Race isn’t.

MONSOON: He should be, let’s head to ringside at the Cow Palace as the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS finally get some time in the ring against the POWERS OF PAIN.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. THE POWERS OF PAIN via pinfall when Bobby Eaton covers Warlord after the MIDNIGHT SEESAW – ***
– After the bell, Cornette takes out Fuji with his tennis racket and throws it to Stan Lane who smashes Barbarian with it and tosses him out of the ring! Eaton and Lane begin double teaming Warlord, hitting him with several big moves until security floods the ring! Warlord is taken from ringside on a stretcher.

We cut back to the studio.

MONSOON: What a despicable act by the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS.

HEENAN: What’s despicable about it? They are just getting payback for what the POWERS OF PAIN did to them at the CALIFORNIA CLASSIC.

MONSOON: Well, Commissioner Patrick thought it was despicable. He suspended the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS for a card.

HEENAN: One card? That’s a cakewalk.

MONSOON: Our next match, a grudge match between the number one contender Randy “Macho Man” Savage and the newcomer The Great Gama. Let’s go down to our announcer for the official introductions.

Gary Michael Cappetta barely gets into his announcement when Gama attacks Savage! The ref calls for the bell and we are underway!

Randy “Macho Man” Savage d. The Great Gama via pinfall with a running knee to the back – *
– Gama kicked out of two FLYING ELBOW SMASHES and Savage had to fight off interference by Classy Freddy Blassie but he got the win.

We cut back to the studio.

MONSOON: Randy Savage topples the big man in The Great Gama and goes into WRESTLEMANIA undefeated. Brain, where do you put the chances of Randy Savage at winning the title at WRESTLEMANIA?

HEENAN: Well, if Gama was big, Savage has a bigger challenge in Andre. The thing is, Andre is as dumb as a post and Randy Savage is smart, so I can see Savage beating Andre easily.

MONSOON: You’d better not let Andre hear you say that.

HEENAN: He’s too dumb to even comprehend what I’m saying. Have you heard his accent?

MONSOON: Give me a break. Prime Time Wrestling be right back after these quick words from our sponsors.


MONSOON: Welcome back to Prime Time Wrestling. Standing by is Gordon Solie with the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, THE OUTLAWS.

SOLIE: Before we talk about WRESTLEMANIA, let’s talk about what you two did to Sam Houston!

BLACKJACK MULLIGAN: Sam Houston was dragging THE OUTLAWS down. If he’d had won the TELEVISION TITLE, he’d be standing here with us but he didn’t so we sent him packing.

GORDON SOLIE: But surely, his sweat went into winning the titles you have around your waists.

BARRY WINDHAM: Sam Houston learned a lesson, don’t trust THE OUTLAWS and the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is going to learn that lesson right quick.

BLACKJACK MULLIGAN: Eaton! Lane! You’re former champs but that’s all you are. Former champs. And at WRESTLEMANIA, when you step into the ring with THE OUTLAWS, you’re going to get the horns of the bull and it ain’t going to be pretty.

We cut back to the studio.

MONSOON: THE OUTLAWS not shirking from the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS at all.

HEENAN: Of course not. Mulligan and Windham are the toughest tag team in Golden State Wrestling.

MONSOON: Well speaking of tough men, let’s head to ringside to see Terry Gordy take on your walking condominium, King Kong Bundy.

HEENAN: Grab the popcorn, humanoids, you’re going to love this one.

King Kong Bundy d. Terry Gordy via submission with a bear hug – ****
– King Kong Bundy completely dominated Gordy. Gordy managed to stay in it for awhile but got in no offense.

We cut back to the studio.

HEENAN (Laughing): Wasn’t that great?!

MONSOON: Certainly not taking anything away from King Kong Bundy but it’s clear that Terry Gordy is just not finding his stride here in Golden State Wrestling.

HEENAN: Remember when he said he was going to win gold by WRESTLEMANIA?

MONSOON: He did say that, yes.

HEENAN: Pack your bags Gordy, it’s time to buy that bus ticket!

MONSOON: It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.


MONSOON: That may be. Let’s go to Gordon Solie who is standing by with the champ, Andre the Giant.

SOLIE: Andre, the Giant, tonight you’ll step into the ring with The Iron Sheik one more time in a non-title match.

ANDRE: I am looking forward to getting my hands on The Iron Sheik one more time tonight and then moving on to WRESTLEMANIA to face Randy Savage.

We cut back to the studio.

MONSOON: The champ is not ducking anyone.

HEENAN: He’s ducking when he goes through doors.

MONSOON: Will you stop! Let’s head to ringside for some tag team action. A NO DQ/NO COUNTOUT match between, THE DREAM TEAM and, your friends, THE BUSHWHACKERS.

HEENAN: No friends of mine. Those two dummies couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

THE DREAM TEAM d. THE BUSHWHACKERS via submission when Greg Valentine locks Bushwhacker Luke in the FIGURE FOUR LEG-LOCK – ****

We cut back to the studio.

MONSOON: THE DREAM TEAM looked great in that match.

HEENAN: Well they are great. Johnny V has them in peak physical condition. And when you’re wrestling to low IQ ham and eggers like THE BUSHWHACKERS you’re pretty much guaranteed a win.

MONSOON: Fans, we’re going to take a quick break and be back with out main event.


Andre the Giant d. The Iron Sheik via pinfall with a big boot to the face – ***
– The Iron Sheik put up a hell of a fight but Andre just cannot be stopped.

We cut back to the studio.

MONSOON: There you have it. Andre the Giant gets a big win over the former champion as he heads into WRESTLMANIA.

HEENAN: Where he will lose the title to Randy Savage.

MONSOON: I think Savage has a big mountain to climb to do that, but we will find out soon fans at WRESTLEMANIA. Until then, for Bobby Heenan, this is Gorilla Monsoon saying goodnight for Prime Time Wrestling.

Credits roll.