Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The show opens with Jimmy Hart laughing maniacally!

HART: Tonight’s the night, baby! Tonight’s the night that Golden State Wrestling’s TV Champion is going to join The First Family! But that’s later! Right now, the toughest man in all of professional wrestling, Adrian Adonis is going to stomp a cowboy into the ground!

Sam Houston d. Adrian Adonis via pinfall after a surprise roll up – SQUASH
– Adrian Adonis and Jimmy Hart are LIVID! Sam Houston dashes from ringside into the crowd! A HUGE win for Houston after being kicked out of THE OUTLAWS!

THE DREAM TEAM d. Mr. X & George South via submission when Greg “The Hammer” Valentine slaps the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK on Mr. X – SQUASH
– Valentine and Beefcake look incredibly strong in this match.

Tully Blanchard d. Cousin Luke via pinfall after a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX – SQUASH
– Blanchard has no trouble at all with Cousin Luke.

HEENAN: I am The Brain. Believe me when I tell you there are BIG things coming up for this man here, Tully Blanchard. The sooner all you humanoids get on his bandwagon, the better!


THE BOLSHEVIKS d. Jim Milliman & Kenny Jay via pinfall when Nikolai Volkoff smashes Jim Milliman with a BACKBREAKER DROP – *
– A much needed win for the Freddie Blassie camp.

BLASSIE: THE BOLSHEVIKS were champs once and I tell you they’ll be champs again you pencil necked geeks!

Hillbilly Jim d. Rowdy Roddy Piper via submission with a BEAR HUG – ***
– The fans go nuts as Hillbilly Jim gets his hands raised. Hillbilly Jim was completely dominant in this match and frustrated Piper at every turn.

After the bell, Piper and Orton attacked Hillbilly Jim! Several wrestlers from the back came out to run Piper and Orton off. Piper is demanding a rematch at WRESTLEMANIA!

Gordon Solie Interview
with guests: THE BRITISH BULLDOGS and Captain Lou Albano

SOLIE: Well, Captain, you’ve heard the challenge from Jimmy Hart’s QUEBECERS. They want you to step in the ring with your BULLDOGS here to face them and Jimmy Hart at WRESTLEMANIA.

ALBANO: Gordon, you know Jimmy Hart ain’t all there. And his wrestlers are even simpler! If they want to dig their own graves by getting in the ring with THE BULLDOGS and myself, I say let it happen. Hart! I’ll tell you one thing, when I get my hands on you I’m gonna snap you like a toothpick!


King Kong Bundy d. The Spoiler via DQ when The Spoiler refuses to stop brawling and bring the action back into the ring – *
– A hell of a match here! The Spoiler threw everything at Bundy but could not keep him down! He even fought off interference by Bobby Heenan! Finally, frustrated, he shoved official James Beard and continued wailing on Bundy outside the ring. Beard called the match then and there.

Heenan immediately demanded a rematch for his man and The Spoiler waved him off! As The Spoiler walked to the back, Jimmy Hart went welcome him Officially into the First Family. The Spoiler stopped and got in Hart’s face.

THE SPOILER: The Spoiler works alone. I don’t need a family, especially your family!

Jimmy Hart stood motionless as The Spoiler walked away and the credits began to roll.

Goodnight, fans!